How many seats does a c5 have?

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The C-5 Galaxy has a crew of 7 plus permanent seating in the rear upper deck compartment for 75. Generally, passengers do not fly in the cargo compartment, which can theoretically fit hundreds.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, how much can a c5 hold?

The C-5M, with a cargo load of 281,001 pounds (127,460 kilograms), can fly 2,150 nautical miles, offload, and fly to a second base 500 nautical miles away from the original destination — all without aerial refueling. With aerial refueling, the aircraft's range is limited only by crew endurance. Lockheed-Georgia Co.

Similarly, how big is a c5 Galaxy? It has a wingspan of 222.8 feet, with each wing as long as a basketball court. The aircraft stands 65 feet tall, the equivalent of a six-and- a-half story building. The Galaxy is so galactic it won't fit inside many hangars.

People also ask, how many c5 galaxies have crashed?

Three C-5 Galaxy aircraft have been lost in crashes along with two class-A losses resulting from ground fire, with a combined total of 169 fatalities. At least two other C-5 crashes have resulted in major airframe damage, but the aircraft were repaired and returned to service.

Which is bigger C 5 or C 17?

There actually are simple The C-5 Galaxy. It is 247 feet (75 meters) long, the wingspan is 222 feet (67m) and its 65 feet (20m) tall. The C-17 is 174 ft (53m) long, the wingspan is 170 ft (51.75m) and its 55 ft (16.8m) tall.

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How many helicopters can a c5 carry?

The C-5 Galaxy routinely carries 73 troops and 36 standard 463L pallets. The aircraft is able to carry two M1 Abrams main battle tanks, or one Abrams tank plus two M2/M3 Bradley fighting vehicles, or six AH-64 Apache/Apache Longbow attack helicopters. Also, the C-5 is able to carry as many as 15 HMMWV (humvees).

Where is c5 stationed?

Currently the U.S. Air Force owns and operates 52 C-5B/C/M. They are stationed at Dover Air Force Base, Delaware; Travis AFB, California; Lackland AFB, Texas; and Westover Air Reserve Base, Massachusetts.

How much does a c5 plane cost?

Current Price $ 167.7 million U.S. The Lockheed C-5 Galaxy is a heavy intercontinental-range strategic airlift plane that is used by the U.S. Air Force. Its predecessors are the Lockheed C-141 Stairlifter and the Boeing C-Globemaster III.

How much runway does a c5 take off?

the C-5 can operate out of a 5000 foot long runway.

Which is bigger c5 or Antonov?

In a final comparison, the Antonov AN-124 is physically larger, allowing for larger payload capacity, while the Lockheed C-5 Galaxy has a much longer range. Overall, the AN-124 is a better cargo aircraft with its massive payload size. The maximum range of the C-17 with a 40,000lb payload is 5,610nmi.

Which is bigger c47 or c5?

Therefore, we can compare them in terms of length, wingspan, cargo volume, height, their payload, wing area and their Maximum Takeoff Weight. Conclusion:— Therefore, it is concluded that, The Lockheed C-5 Galaxy is bigger than the Airbus A380 and the Boeing 747–8 F in terms of Cargo Volume only.

What does AC 5 weigh?

172,400 kg

How many Chinooks fit in a c5?

It is a monster, but that is hard to put into perspective. A C-5 Galaxy can hold 10 light armored vehicles, which at 12 tons each, aren't very light at all.

Can a c5 land on an aircraft carrier?

In theory, a C-5 Galaxy could land on a Nimitz-class carrier, but the plant would probably be totaled and the aircraft carrier would have to go through massive repairs. In terms of pilots and crewmembers on the plane, they would have to be very skilled and some modifications may have to be added to the C-5.

How many tires does a c5 Galaxy have?

The huge C-5 Galaxy features a unique tricycle-type landing gear system consisting of a total of 28 wheels. As already explained, this fine piece of machinery is made of four main units fitted in tandem pairs, each with a six-wheel bogie with two forward and four rear wheels.

How many c17s does the US have?

C-17 Globemaster III Customers
Currently, 274 C-17s operate around the world. The aircraft's largest customer is the United States Air Force, with 223 in 12 bases.

Why is the c5 called Fred?

The C-5 Galaxy, the Air Force's largest cargo mover has a nickname of its own, bestowed upon it by the men and women who maintain the USAF's fleet: FRED, or "F*cking Ridiculous Economic/Environmental Disaster." The C-5 is an incredible aircraft.

Is the c5 Galaxy still in service?

The aircraft has four F138 engines and each delivers a thrust of 51,000 lbf. The C5M strategic transport aircraft is a modernized version of the C5 Galaxy. Lockheed Martin manufactured the aircraft to extend the capability of the C-5 fleet to remain in service at least until 2040.

How much fuel does a c5 Galaxy burn?

Fuel Capacity – The C-5 Galaxy has 12 integral wing tanks with a capacity of 51,450 gallons (332,500 pounds) of fuel enough to fill more than six standard railroad tankers!

What planes are at Dover AFB?

The wing owns, maintains and operates C-5M Super Galaxy and C-17 Globemaster III aircraft with a mission to provide rapid global airlift, combat ready Airmen, and unrivaled installation support.. The 512th AW, also known as "Liberty Wing," is the Air Force Reserve unit assigned to Dover AFB.

How many C 130 have been built?

To date, more than 2,500 C-130s have been ordered and/or delivered to 63 nations around the world. Seventy countries operate C-130s, which have been produced in more than 70 different variants.