How many people were killed during the Hatfield and McCoy feud?

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HatfieldMcCoy feud
Location Tug Fork of the Big Sandy River, West Virginia–Kentucky
Caused by American Civil War, land disputes, revenge killings
Resulted in More than a dozen killed from both sides Nine Hatfields imprisoned (including seven Hatfields who were imprisoned for life and one Hatfield who was executed)

Correspondingly, how many died in the Hatfield McCoy feud?

But by the time all was said and done, at least 13 Hatfields and McCoys had died—all over a pig, it seems. Still, some historians believe that the hog was just a scapegoat. The real source of the ire, they say, was the Hatfields' Confederate leanings.

Similarly, is the Hatfield McCoy feud still happening? The actual fighting between the Hatfields and McCoys has been long over. Although they ended the feud in 1891 and shook hands in 1976, Saturday, June 14, 2003, marked the official end to the Hatfields and McCoys' feud when the families signed a truce, in an event broadcast by the The Saturday Early Show.

Then, who won the Hatfield McCoy feud?

COURT ORDERS In the late 1870s, Devil Anse Hatfield got into a land dispute with McCoy's cousin Perry Cline. Anse won the land dispute and was granted Cline's entire 5,000-acre plot of land.

How did McCoy really die?


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How did Cap Hatfield lose his eye?

He was also described as having a eye injury that was caused by a percussion cap explosion, giving him the appearance of being wall-eyed. Cap was perhaps better suited for his role as Devil Anse's Lieutenant than Johnse, as Cap's quarrelsome demeanor and affinity for violence is legendary.

When did McCoy die?

March 28, 1914

How did Devil Anse get his nickname?

His nickname "Devil Anse" has a variety of supposed origins: it was given to him by his mother; by Randolph McCoy; earned from his bravery during battle in the American Civil War; or as contrast to his good-tempered cousin, Anderson "Preacher Anse" Hatfield.

What started the Hatfield and McCoy war?

The origins of the feud are obscure. Some attribute it to hostilities formed during the American Civil War, in which the McCoys were Unionists and the Hatfields were Confederates, others to Rand'l McCoy's belief that a Hatfield stole one of his hogs in 1878.

Are there any Hatfields and McCoys alive today?

I love the Feud's history and spend most days talking about some part of the Hatfield & McCoy story. So the answer is yes. There are many descendants of both families still alive today. Direct descendants are dying off sadly more often.

Who did Selkirk McCoy kill?

Unfortunately, the joyous festivities of this Election Day soon turned sour. A fight broke out between Randall McCoy's son Tolbert and Devil Anse Hatfield's brother Ellison. Tolbert stabbed Ellison several times, and he also received some help in the assault from two of his brothers, Pharmer and Randolph Jr.

Where does the term real McCoy come from?

The phrase "The real McCoy" may be a corruption of the Scots "The real MacKay", first recorded in 1856 as: "A drappie o' the real MacKay", ("a drop of the real MacKay"). This appeared in a poem Deil's Hallowe'en published in Glasgow and is widely accepted as the phrase's origin.

Is the Hatfield and McCoy story true?

The True Story of the Hatfield-McCoy Feud. Altina L. Waller is the author of "Feud: Hatfields, McCoys, and Social Change in Appalachia, 1860-1900." The famous family feud was the subject of the recent History Channel miniseries “Hatfields and McCoys”.

Who has more money Hatfields or McCoys?

It was widely believed that his uncle, Jim Vance, a member of the Wildcats, committed the murder. The Hatfields were more affluent than the McCoys and were well-connected politically. Anse's timbering operation was a source of wealth for his family, while the McCoys were more of a lower-middle-class family.

What happened to Johnse Hatfield?

It took ten years for Jonse Hatfield to be charged with Alifair McCoy's murder. He was convicted in Kentucky and served thirteen years of a life sentence. Newspaper Article - Johnson "Johnse" Hatfield: After ten years Johnson Hatfield must go to prison for life for the murder of Alifair McCoy.

How many miles are the Hatfield McCoy trails?

The Hatfield-McCoy Trails is made up of over 700+ miles of trails and located in the rich mountains of southern West Virginia. As one of the largest off-highway vehicle trail systems in the world, Hatfield-McCoy Trails is open 365 days a year and offers something for every skill level.

Who was Bad Frank Phillips?

Bad Frank Phillips was a deputy sheriff, freelance gunman, logger, outlaw, and integral part of the infamous Hatfield and McCoy feud in the US South during the late 19th century.

Who played Nancy McCoy Hatfield?

Series cast summary:
Kevin Costner 'Devil' Anse Hatfield 3 episodes, 2012
Noel Fisher Ellison 'Cotton Top' Mounts 3 episodes, 2012
Boyd Holbrook William 'Cap' Hatfield 3 episodes, 2012
Tom McKay Jim McCoy 3 episodes, 2012

Where is the McCoy family cemetery?

Hatfield-McCoy Feud Cemetery. To distinguish it from the Hatfield cemetery in Sarah Ann, West Virginia, and the McCoy Cemetery in Hardy, Kentucky, the Dils Cemetery in Pikefield has been unofficially relabeled the "Hatfield-McCoy Feud Cemetery" because it touts the graves of both Hatfields and McCoys.

Where did the Hatfield and McCoy feud take place?

The Hatfield-McCoy Feud. The Hatfield-McCoy Feud, a prolonged vendetta between neighboring families in the Tug Valley, was fought largely in the 1880s. The Hatfields lived mostly in Logan County (including present Mingo) in West Virginia, and the McCoys lived mostly across the Tug Fork in adjacent Pike County, Kentucky

Is Hatfields and McCoys on Netflix?

Rent Hatfields & McCoys (2012) on DVD and Blu-ray - DVD Netflix.

Where was Hatfields and McCoys filmed?

Hatfield and McCoy film shot locally. Many people who watched The History Channel's “Hatfields & McCoys,” a fictionalized miniseries of the infamous feud between two families in the Appalachia region of Kentucky and West Virginia, might not have known that much of the series was filmed in Romania.