How many people are playing Star Stable?

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Star Stable has an active user base in 180 countries and 11 languages. Six million people — about 98 percent of them girls — have downloaded the game.

Simply so, is Star Stable a virus?

There's no malware if you directly install the game from Star Stable's website. These files probably have malware (potentially viruses and Trojans). Definitely stay clear of any offsite downloads related to Star Stable and you should be safe!

Also Know, how much is Star Stable worth? Money-wise, Star Stable is not messing around; the game costs either $8.49 per month or approximately $74.99 for a lifetime membership and features in-app purchases. Last year, the company saw $15 million revenue and has seen double yearly growth since its start phase.

Also know, is Star Stable a safe game?

Star Stable is one of my favorite games of all time, and is definitely worth a play. There's something to offer for all ages and the continuous new content keeps you engaged. If your child is under twelve, monitor them, but this game is safe for young children as well.

How do you play Star Stable?

To try is for free – Star Riders access the full game It is possible to play Star Stable for free up to level 5. To unlock the full version, players needs to become a Star Rider. Choose between a 1 or 3 months subscription with an auto renewal until the subscription is cancelled.

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Can boys play Star Stable?

Star Stable is a game with a focus on female heroines, but that doesn't mean that boys can't play Star Stable. There are lots of games where you can only choose male characters and we want to show that girls can also be heroes. Every boy is more than welcome to be part of this fantastic and magical world!

How many GB is Star Stable?

CPU: Intel Core i3 or AMD Athlon II (K10) 2.8 GHz. RAM: 4 GB. Free Disk Space: 5 GB.

Can I play Star Stable on iPad?

Star Stable Horses on the App Store. This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

What age group is Star Stable for?

Targeting girls ages 8 to 17 is tough because the federal Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) places a lot of restrictions on communication. The title uses Crisp Thinking, a third-party social monitoring solution, to automatically moderate and monitor all chat to ensure a safe environment.

Who founded Star Stable?

With more than 4 million registered users, Star Stable is one of the most popular online horse games in the world, and one of the few online gaming sites targeted specifically towards girls. Star Stable Entertainment AB was founded in Sweden in 2010 by Ola Ahlvarsson, Johan Edfeldt and Peter Liljestrand.

Can you sell horses in Star Stable?

Place the horse you want to sell in your pasture and double-click on it. Remove all equipment, including the horseshoes from the horse's Character Sheet. Click on Sell this horse! You will receive 2500 Jorvik Shillings for the sale of your horse.

How do you get star coins without being a star rider?

You cannot earn Star Coins. Depending on your Star Rider subscription you can receive Star Coins as a weekly allowance every weekend and additional Star Coins can be purchased from our website. You can also find special promotions on Star Coins in the Star Stable Store.

When was Star Stable made?

Star Stable Online was officially released in Sweden in October 2011. In June 2012, the game was made available worldwide, starting with an English version and was later translated into other languages.

Can you buy horses with jorvik shillings?

Horses, for example, can only be bought with Star Coins, whereas some items, such as clothes or tack for your horse, can be paid for with Jorvik Shillings. There is no limit to the amount of Star Coins that you can have, but the maximum amount of Jorvik Shillings is 10,000.

What is the highest level on Star Stable?

In Star Stable Online you're able to earn XP both for your character and your horses. The current highest level for the player is 22 via normal gameplay (30 with mods), while the highest level for your horse is 15.

Is Star Stable kid friendly?

Star Stable is kid friendly, has a wonderful, 3D graphic world, intriguing, funny quests, the ability to buy, own and train your own horses and of course, the ability to chat and meet new friends. If they are older, leave them free to chat and play the game.

How many horses can you have in Star Stable?

You can have a total of six horses on one account. In addition to your original horse there is space in your stable for five new horses. What does a new horse cost? Horses have prices between 300 and 1500 Star Coins.

Can you play Star Stable on iPhone?

Today's not just any regular Thursday, because today's the day you can get your hands on an all-new Star Stable companion app for your smartphone! Star Stable My Friends & Horses is available from today in the App Store for iPhone, and the Android version is coming next week!

How much is Star Stable lifetime?

Monthly subscriptions are one month for $7.49, three months for $19.50, six months for $31.99, lifetime subscription for $69.95. You really can't do much without paying for a subscription.

How do I unlock Epona 2019?

In order to have unlocked this quest you must have completed/unlocked: - Dino Valley and Golden Hills Valley.

  1. - Came to Elizabeth to get the quest.
  2. - Have fixed the elevator, and used the magic wand to clear a path.
  3. Find Nic stoneground, then do ALL those exploring quests. ( No need to do the daily one, it's optional)

Can you change your name on Star Stable?

PLEASE NOTE: Your character's name cannot be changed with this service. Appearance Change is available through your Home Stable. You can try the appearance change feature for the first time completely free of charge!

What is a star rider on Star Stable?

Star Rider. Being a Star Rider (SR) means that you're a paying member of Star Stable Online. As a Star Rider you get access to many exciting game features as well as all the areas on Jorvik.