How many passengers does a Southwest plane hold?

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Current fleet
Aircraft In service Passengers
Boeing 737-800 207 175
Boeing 737 MAX 7 150
Boeing 737 MAX 8 34 175
Total 745

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Subsequently, one may also ask, how many seats are on a Southwest 737?

143 seats

Likewise, how many seats are left on a Southwest flight? There is no website or place where you can look up the number of seats left on a Southwest flight. Stores may be willing to tell you exactly how many items they have in inventory, but airlines will never do this.

Likewise, how many people can fit on a Southwest airplane?

In addition to bigger bins and an Internet connection, you can expect to see a greater number of passengers on Southwest's newest plane. The 737-800 holds as many as 175 people. According to our sister site SeatGuru, the planes in Southwest's existing fleet carry just 122 to 137 passengers.

How many seats does a Boeing 737 MAX 8 have?


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How do you get the best seat on Southwest Airlines?

How to get the best seat on Southwest
  1. Check in exactly 24 hours before departure.
  2. Hold A-list elite status.
  3. Purchase EarlyBird Check-In, Upgraded Boarding or a Business Select ticket.
  4. Book the first flight of the day.

Is Early Bird check in worth it?

At $15–$25 per person, Southwest EarlyBird Check-In can be worth the cost, but it won't always be a slam-dunk deal — especially if Family Boarding is an option for your group. If you do decide to purchase Southwest EarlyBird Check-In, you can earn bonus points from using the right credit card for the purchase.

What are the best seats on a plane?

Exit rows, aisle or window seats, and seats close to the front are typically considered the best seats on a plane. On a short business trip, you might want an aisle seat near the front of the plane so you can debark as quickly as possible on arrival.

Can families sit together on Southwest?

4) Family boarding will allow you to get seats together as a family. Southwest doesn't have assigned seats unlike most other domestic carriers. Instead, it assigns boarding group numbers (A, B, & C, each numbered 1-60) to passengers, who are then free to take any open seat as they board.

How do you know what plane your flying on?

Check with your flight itinerary on the airline's website. If the type of aircraft isn't listed on your boarding pass, near the flight number, look for a link to trip “details” and you'll usually find the aircraft type there.

How do I find out what kind of plane I will be flying on Southwest?

  1. Head to and enter your city pair and flight information as if you're shopping.
  2. Click on your flight number in blue.
  3. A menu will populate, which includes your aircraft type. The Southwest fleet includes the following Boeing 737 series aircraft types:

How old are Southwest planes?

Southwest is an interesting case, with an average age of 11.2 years for its fleet. Southwest does have one huge advantage in managing this number: All of its 752 planes are Boeing 737 variants, meaning it can streamline maintenance operations and take advantage of economies of scale.

How many seats are in a southwest window?

there are about 23 rows on a SWA plane so figure there are 46 window seats, 46 aisle seats and 46 middle seats. If you are in fact boarding #100 your seat options will be limited and sitting together may be a challenge.

What happens if you don't fit in an airplane seat?

In general, the airlines have the following rules: If the seatbelt doesn't fit, they will give you a seat belt extender. If one extender doesn't do it, the airline won't let you fly (this is very rare, though, and shouldn't be a problem for you) You need to fit between the two armrests.

Are Southwest seats bigger?

Southwest Airlines' new 'wider' seat probably isn't wider after all. That increases the seat width from 17.1 to 17.8 inches, making them the widest economy seats on any Boeing 737, according to the company. But there is reason for uncomfortable passengers to be skeptical.

Can you bring your own seat belt extender on a plane?

Seat Belt Extender
It's possible to bring your own, but 2012 saw the FAA crack down on personal extenders because they are not maintained or inspected by airlines; thus, their safe operation cannot be guaranteed. Check with your airline to ascertain its stance on personal extenders.

Are Southwest Airlines seats comfortable?

"is very uncomfortable"
With only one class offered in its 737s, the all economy seating in Southwest Airline fleet is very uncomfortable. But since Southwest is know for its low price, it is still a good choice for those who would like to travel/fly with very low price.

Does southwest charge for overweight passengers?

You're allowed two (2) checked pieces of baggage per ticket, with some size and weight limitations. We only charge for overweight and excess items.

Can you buy 2 seats on a plane for one person?

A customer flying in the economy cabin who is not able to safely and comfortably fit in a single seat is required to purchase an additional seat for each leg of their itinerary. The second seat may be purchased for the same fare as the original seat, provided it is purchased at the same time.

Is there a weight limit for airline seats?

There is no set weight limit for passengers on commercial flights in the U.S., but some airlines, most notably Southwest, require customers who cannot fit in one seat to book a second. Call the airline you wish to fly and ask about passenger size regulations.

Does Southwest fly 737?

Since its inception Southwest Airlines has almost exclusively operated Boeing 737 aircraft (except for a brief period when it leased and flew some Boeing 727-200 aircraft). Southwest is the world's largest operator of the Boeing 737, and was the launch customer of the 737-300, 737-500, 737-700 and 737 MAX 8.

When should I ask for a seat belt extender?

If you can't buckle up (the length varies depending on the seat and airline), just ask for a seat belt extender. Some people just flag down the attendant and say, “I need that fat person buckle!” Or if the thought of saying that terrifies you just confidently ask for an extender.