How many miles is the King of the Hammers race?

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Competitors start side-by-side, two vehicles every thirty seconds, and must complete the 165-mile course in fewer than 14 hours. Each team must pass through seven checkpoints and at all times while staying within one hundred feet of the centerline of the course.

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Moreover, where is King of the Hammers 2020?

Hammertown, is the central meeting place during King of The Hammers week. It is located on Mean's Dry Lake in Johnson Valley, CA. The address for most GPS Units is: Boone Rd Landers, CA 92285. You can also type "King of the Hammers" into Google Maps and it will direct you there!

Subsequently, question is, how much does it cost to enter King of the Hammers? General Entry Pass - $20 online $30 at the gate. One pass per person is good for all of KOH Week!

Similarly, you may ask, what date is King of the Hammers?

The actual King of The Hammers race will take place on Friday, February 8th, 2019. Most races from 2018 will return for 2019 including: The Every Man Challenge, KOH UTV Race, and the Shootout.

How do you qualify for King of the Hammers?

To pre-qualify you must have gained an entry spot at either the previous year's KOH; at one of the previous year's Regional Series races; at the previous year's Nitto Tire National Championships; be a previous KOH winner; be an OG entrant (one of the original 13 drivers who started the inaugural race); or have an entry

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Is King of the Hammers on TV?

King of The Hammers to Be Aired on NBC & CBS Sports. RTM Productions announces it will air a special presentation of the 2014 Griffin King of the Hammers Presented by Nitto Tire airing to 80 million households on NBC Sports Network and to 60 million households on CBS Sports Network.

What is hammertown?

Hammertown may refer to: A nickname for the Canadian city of Hamilton, Ontario. Hammertown, Ontario, Canada, a community in the township of King. Hammertown, New York, USA, on county road 83 in Dutchess County.

How long does King of the Hammers last?

About the Event
For the week (which happens to be nine days long), the Means Dry Lake bed turns into what the spectators call Hammertown. There are more than 400 teams and 60,000 spectators for this event.

What is an Ultra 4?

ULTRA4 Racing is the official web site of Hammerking Productions. The founders of Hammerking are the force behind the toughest one-day off-road race on the planet: King of The Hammers. Each of these races is a qualifier for the King of The Hammers race each year.

Where should I stay for King of the Hammers?

Hotel Accomomadations: The closest hotel location to King of The Hammers is Yucca Valley. We recommend the Best Western in Yucca Valley. <strong>Local Grocery and Gas Stations: </strong>The two closest towns to The Hammers are Lucerne Valley and Yucca Valley.

Who won the 2019 King of the Hammers?

I don't know where he went after that.” Shannon Campbell was close behind, finishing 4th overall. Champion desert racer Branden Sims finished on the podium for the fourth time, but has yet to win the Can-Am UTV King of the Hammers race.