How long is the Transport Canada boating exam?

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You have 75 minutes to complete the exam.

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Also know, how long is the boating license test?

The Online Course & Test take approximately 3 hours to complete. You can print your Temporary Card immediately once you pass the Transport Canada Test, and your Permanent Card will arrive in the mail within 4 weeks! This is the fastest way to get your boating license, Ontario!

Also, how many chapters is the boater exam? The online course contains 5 chapters of study content before you can move on to the final exam.

Similarly, you may ask, do boating licenses expire Canada?

Is the Canada Boating Licence the same as the permanent Pleasure Craft Operator Card? No. Because the Pleasure Craft Operator Card does not expire and does not need to be renewed, it is not called the Canada Boating Licence.

Can I challenge the boater exam?

Taking a boating safety course is strongly recommended regardless of age or experience. However, you can challenge the boater exam® without taking a course.

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Can I get my boat license online?

In most cases the boat license course can be completed online, and is followed by a boat license test that is also completed online. The boating safety certificate courses are not as comprehensive as those for an automobile driver's license; there's usually no on-water driver's education required, for example.

How many questions are on the Canadian boaters exam?

There will be 50 multiple choice questions.
You will have 75 minutes to complete the final exam. If you do not achieve the passing grade for the final exam, retakes are free. You can use all your notes during the final exam.

What happens if you lose your boating license?

Replacement Boater Card
If your New York Boater Education Card is lost or damaged, please contact® directly at 1-866-764-2628 to order a replacement. Faulty cards will be replaced at no charge (you must return your old card). Lost or damaged cards will be replaced for a $9.95 fee.

Do you need a boat license for a Seadoo?

In some places it's called a PWC license or jet ski driving license, while others refer to it as a jet ski safety course certificate. In reality, there is no separate course you need to take to get a jet ski license. Everything is covered in your state's NASBLA-approved boating safety course. Driver's license.

Who needs a boaters license in Ontario?

Since, September 2009 it has become mandatory for all boaters, who sail a powered watercraft used for recreational objectives, to have a PCOC on board when on water. For non-resident Canadians, if they plan to sail a motored watercraft in Canada for 45 consecutive days or more, they need to have a PCOC.

Do you need a license for a dinghy?

The Pleasure Craft Operator Card applies to the driver of the boat, while a Pleasure Craft License applies to the boat itself. You will also need to license dinghies or tenders you carry aboard or tow behind a larger boat. You must keep a copy of the licence on board.

What is a pleasure craft license?

A Pleasure Craft Licence is a document with a unique licence number for a pleasure craft. The number serves as identification for the vessel and allows search and rescue personnel to access important information in an emergency.

At what age do you not need a boaters license?

Persons 14 years old up to 16 years of age may operate if they are accompanied by an adult 18 or older or have a certificate of competency from a NASBLA approved boating education course and some form of ID. Minor 12-15 years must be state certified to operate over a ten horsepower boat without an adult on board.

Who needs boaters license?

A person who was born on or after January 1, 1988, must have completed a boater education course approved by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) or passed an approved equivalency exam to operate a vessel powered by a motor of 10 horsepower or greater (including PWCs).

Do you need a license to drive a boat in Canada?

All Canadians are now required by federal law to carry a boating license when operating a powered water craft. To receive this boat operator license, you must pass a multiple choice exam with a score of at least 75%.

Do you need a license to operate a boat in Ontario?

Unlike driving a car, you do not need a driver's license or a boater's license to operate a pleasure craft. This card is proof that you have successfully completed an approved boating safety course that is required for pleasure craft operators in Ontario and other provinces.

Can you drive a boat with a driver's license?

No, a driver's licence is not required to operate a watercraft. You do require your Pleasure Craft Operator Card on board while operating a powered watercraft.

How often do you renew boating license?

All current marine licences can be renewed 5 years or for the period specified on your renewal notice (1, 3 or 5 years).

Do you need a boat license for a canoe in Ontario?

Effective April 15, 2011 boaters of all ages (there are no age exemptions or minimum ages to get certified) operating a motorized pleasure craft (this includes any watercraft with a motor, be it a sailboat fitted with an auxiliary motor, or even an electric motor on a canoe) need to hold a Pleasure Craft Operator Card

Do you need a boating license in Alberta?

Unlike driving a car, you do not need a driver's license or a boater's license to operate a pleasure craft. This card is proof that you have successfully completed an approved boating safety course that is required for pleasure craft operators in Alberta and other provinces.

What do you need for a boat license?

To be issued a boat licence under Option 1, take the completed logbook and acceptable Proof of Identity (POI) to a registry, service centre or GAC. You will need to complete a boat licence application form which will include questions about your medical fitness to drive a vessel.