How long is the book Beowulf?

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Victorious, Beowulf goes home to Geatland (Götaland in modern Sweden) and becomes king of the Geats. Fifty years later, Beowulf defeats a dragon, but is mortally wounded in the battle.

First printed edition Thorkelin (1815)
Genre Epic heroic writing
Verse form Alliterative verse
Length c. 3182 lines

Thereof, how long does it take to read Beowulf?

2 hours and 40 minutes

One may also ask, how many pages is the original Beowulf? Product Details
ISBN-13: 9781774410929
Publication date: 10/14/2019
Pages: 180
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.38(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

One may also ask, is Beowulf the oldest piece of literature?

"Beowulf" is the oldest surviving epic poem in the English language and the earliest piece of vernacular European literature. Perhaps the most common question readers have is what language "Beowulf" was written in originally.

When did Beowulf take place?

6th century Denmark

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Is Beowulf worth reading?

It is worth remembering that Beowulf is a work of art, not an historical document and it should be studied as such (as Tolkein most effectively pointed out in his essay The Monsters and The Critics, well worth a read).

Is Anna Karenina difficult to read?

Of all the Russian novels written during the 19th-century, Anna Karenina is perhaps the most taught in college literature courses. Even so, over the years it has grown in stature to nearly mythical proportions as one of the most challenging novels to read.

Is Beowulf hard reading?

It is thoroughly Tolkien's Beowulf, and is brilliant in its insight. It is, however, a horrible translation to read, filled with awkward language and archaic syntax. But that's as it should be. If you are new to Beowulf, this edition will prove a difficult, unwieldy introduction.

Can you learn Old English?

Although Old English is no longer a spoken language, many texts still exist which are written in it. Or, you may need to learn Old English to complete classwork or simply be interested in studying the language as a window to the past.

How many words can I read per minute?

The average adult reading speed is between 200 and 300 words per minute (same reading rate you want to achieve by the 6th grade). For success in college you should be able to read 350 to 450 words per minute if you want to have any extra time.

What grade do you read Beowulf?

Interest Level Grade 7 - Grade 12
Reading Level Grade 10
Genre Nonfiction, Young Adult
Publisher Lerner Publishing Group
Brand First Avenue Classics ™

Is Grendel Beowulf's son?

Heardred Despite Beowulf's support, the young king, son of Hygelac and Hygd, is killed in a feud. Beowulf then becomes king of the Geats. Grendel A descendant of the biblical Cain, the enormous ogre despises mankind's joy. He menaces Hrothgar and the Danes for 12 years before facing Beowulf in battle.

Is Beowulf older than the Bible?

XV were Christian beyond doubt, and it is equally sure that Beowulf was composed in a Christianised England since conversion took place in the sixth and seventh centuries. The only Biblical references in Beowulf are to the Old Testament, and Christ is never mentioned.

How do you know that Beowulf is an epic poem?

Some of the main criteria points include being a long, narrative poem, having an epic hero, and containing rhythm, alliteration, and imagery. Beowulf can be considered an epic because it contains all of this criteria. Beowulf's first accomplishment as an epic hero was his battle with Grendel.

How did Beowulf die?

Beowulf dies during battle with a dragon. In the second part of the poem, Beowulf has ruled over the Geats for fifty years, and he is a good leader. Beowulf and Wiglaf fight the dragon together, and although they kill the dragon, Beowulf is fatally wounded.

How old is Grendel?

Grendel. Grendel, fictional character, a monstrous creature defeated by Beowulf in the Old English poem Beowulf (composed between 700 and 750 ce). Descended from the biblical Cain, Grendel is an outcast, doomed to wander the face of the earth.

What was Beowulf known for?

Beowulf. Beowulf, heroic poem, the highest achievement of Old English literature and the earliest European vernacular epic. It deals with events of the early 6th century and is believed to have been composed between 700 and 750.

Is Beowulf a true story?

Like all legendary stories, Beowulf mixes elements of fact and fiction, and there is historical evidence for many of the events that the poem depicts. However, there has been no evidence discovered of a real Beowulf, and scholars speculate as to whether or not the 'Beowulf poet' completely invented him or not.

What is the importance of Beowulf?

Beowulf is often referred to as the first important work of literature in English, even though it was written in Old English, an ancient form of the language that slowly evolved into the English now spoken. Compared to modern English, Old English is heavily Germanic, with little influence from Latin or French.