How long do blendtec jars last?

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In 2011, we increased the warranty on our home-use blenders to 7 years. Impressive, right? The warranty covers the motor base as well as the jar (if purchased with the blender; jars purchased à la carte carry a 3-year warranty).

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Similarly, how long does a blendtec last?

All Blendtec home-use blenders carry a full 7-year warranty.

Additionally, how do you clean a cloudy Blendtec jar? Vinegar mixed with baking soda (and some water) will also work. Then, run to Speed 10 and scrub with non-scratch sponge. 1-2 tbsp powdered dishwasher detergent dissolved in 1-2 cups hot water, left to soak for 1 hour.

Likewise, people ask, can blendtec jars go dishwasher?

Avoid submerging blender jars for longer than 5 minutes as it may reduce jar life and result in water penetrating the lower jar seals. After cleaning, store the jar upright. BLENDER JAR IS DISHWASHER SAFE—TOP RACK ONLY! Do not expose your jar to temperatures over 176°F (80°C).

Is a blendtec worth it?

Blendtec Blenders – Are they Worth the Price? The Blendtec Blender is arguably one of the more expensive blenders on the market. With that in mind, the average home consumer will pay much more than for one than say an Oster or Kitchenaid – but in return they will own one of the highest quality blenders in the market.

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How much is blendtec at Costco?

Blendtec Total Blender with Wildside + Jar $229.99 Costco B&M YMMV.

Does Costco sell Blendtec blenders?

Blendtec Blenders & Juicers | Costco.

Can I put hot soup in blendtec?

Yes, you can! Several of our blenders have a preprogrammed "Soup" or "Hot" cycle. Even if your model doesn't have this feature, you can blend on a high speed for 90-180 seconds. If your soup isn't warm enough, blend until desired temperature is reached.

Which is better Blendtec or Vitamix?

With the use of the tamper, Vitamix made a better consistency ice cream without having to start and stop. Blendtec advertises that their blender is tamper-free, which makes blending and storing the blender a lot easier, but in this particular application, a tamper would have been beneficial.

Can you grind meat in a Blendtec?

All Blendtec models grind meat by simply using the Pulse feature. 1) Cut your meat into 1 inch cubes. Keep chilled just until ready to grind. 2) Place up to 1/4 to 1/2 pound of the meat cubes in your Wildside jar (less if using the Fourside Jar).

Which is quieter Blendtec or Vitamix?

The Vitamix was slightly quieter, but the Blendtec is a little bit more powerful, that 3.8 horsepower versus a 3 horsepower on the Vitamix. We're going to use a medium smoothie setting for both of these and just see how they both handle, making a simple strawberry-banana smoothie.

What is a WildSide jar?

WildSide Jar*
The WildSide jar has a wide base and a narrow fifth, or “wild,” side that changes the angle of the blending vortex; as a result, frozen ingredients are far less likely to form a cave above the blade. And, of course, making smoothies in the WildSide jar is never a bad choice.

Why is my blendtec smoking?

If I am right the smoke is from the gears rubbing at high speeds as the motor continues to spin as the blender blades and gears are stuck in one position. This friction is enough to burn, melt, and to create smoke. There is a rubber gasket at the base of the blender that will rot and go bad if liquid is left in there.

Can you blend it?

Will It Blend? is a viral marketing campaign consisting of a series of infomercials demonstrating the Blendtec line of blenders, especially the powerful Total Blender. In the show, Tom Dickson, the Blendtec founder, attempts to blend various unusual items in order to show off the power of his blender.

What does blendtec warranty cover?

Blendtec warrants the blender motor to be free of defect in material and workmanship for the warranty period. During this period, such defects will be repaired or the product replaced at Blendtec's discretion without charge. This warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, accident, or negligence.

Can I return my Vitamix to Costco?

Vitamix will send you a new one no questions asked as long as you have a receipt or date of purchase. If you don't have a receipt, Costco can provide one. Any Costco personnel who know Vitamix's guarantee probably won't return the item, they will direct you to the manufacturer.

Why does my blendtec smell?

If your blender has a burning smell: Run a blend cycle without the jar on the blender. If the burning smell continues, please call customer service to complete more troubleshooting. If the burning smell stops, the jar needs to be replaced.

How do you clean the bottom of a mixie jar?

Take mixie jar and add small amount of surf and water, after that grind it. It will clean all the particles in the jar, then clean it water.

Can you use a Blendtec as a food processor?

So can you use Blendtec as a food processor? Generally, yes. And your Blendtec blender can replace a food processor for most of the typical tasks it will be used for in your kitchen.

Are all blendtec jars compatible?

The WildSide+ jar is compatible with all Blendtec blender models (not compatible with Blendtec Mix n' Blend models).

Can I put my BlendJet in the refrigerator?

Your BlendJet can be stored in a cupboard, as you would any other cup or protein shaker. We recommend keeping the lid loose rather than tightly closed, to allow any excess water to evaporate.

How do you clean the rubber ring on a blender?

What is the best way to clean your blade and gasket? Wash your blades by hand with warm, soapy water and a dish brush to loosen any stuck-on debris. If you want a deeper clean, rinse the blade with a 10% dilute vinegar and water solution or lemon juice.