How is master redundancy provided on a stacked switches?

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How is master redundancy provided on a stacked switches? 1:N master redundancy: Every switch in the stack can act as the master. If the current master fails, another master is elected from the stack. 1:N master redundancy allows each stack member to serve as a master, providing the highest reliability for forwarding.

Beside this, which option is a benefit of switch stacking?

2- It provides redundancy with no impact on resource usage. 3- It simplifies adding and removing hosts. 4- It supports better performance of high-needs applications.

One may also ask, what does stacking switches mean? A stackable switch is a network switch that is fully functional operating standalone but which can also be set up to operate together with one or more other network switches, with this group of switches showing the characteristics of a single switch but having the port capacity of the sum of the combined switches.

Herein, what is switch stacking and chassis aggregation?

Chassis aggregation is a Cisco technology to make multiple switches operate as a single switch. Chassis aggregation is often used in the core layer and distribution layer (while switching stacking is used for access layer).

Which technology provides chassis redundancy in a VSS environment?

Note: StackWise is the technology provides chassis redundancy in a VSS environment.

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Why will a switch never learn a broadcast address?

Explanation: Switches dynamically learn MAC addresses based on the source MAC addresses that it sees, and since a broadcast is never the source, it will never learn the broadcast address.

How can you disable DTP on a switch port?

The only way to disable DTP on a switch port is to use the “switchport nonegotiate” command. But notice this command can only be used after configuring that switch port in “trunk” or “access” mode.

What is dynamic desirable mode?

Dynamic Desirable — Makes the port actively attempt to convert the link to a trunk link. The port becomes a trunk port if the neighboring Ethernet port is set to trunk, dynamic desirable or dynamic auto mode. No-negotiate — Disables DTP.

What is valid reason for a switch to deny port access to new devices when port security is enabled?

What is valid reason for a switch to deny port access to new devices when port security is enabled? A. The denied MAC addresses have already been learned or configured on another secure interface in the same VLAN.

What is a chassis based switch?

A Chassis based Network Switch is a network switch that is configurable with various types of line-cards to provide the type and quantity of required network ports (copper and fiber). A chassis contains certain number of fixed slots (generally 1U each), into which various types of line cards can be inserted.

How do you stack 3750 switches?

Cisco 3750-X Configure Stacking
With multiple switches connect each stack port one, to the switch below's stack port two. Then on the last switch connect its stack port one back to stack port two on the top switch, (so there is a 'ring'.)

What are three advantages of virtual chassis technology?

Virtual Chassis technology makes more efficient use of both access and uplink ports, optimizing rack space, power, and cooling resources.

What is chassis technology?

(Pronounced CHA-see) Chassis, more commonly called the computer case, is a metal frame that serves as the structural support for electronic components. Every computer system requires at least one chassis to house the circuit boards and wiring. The chassis also contains slots for expansion boards.

What are two benefits of using VSS for chassis virtualization?

It provides multiple points of management for redundancy and improved support. D . It provides a single point of management for improved efficiency.

What is aggregate switch?

Aggregation switches are typically used to connect a number of ToR switches to a core switch/router. The core switch is at the top of the cloud data center network pyramid and may include a wide area network (WAN) connection to the outside carrier network.

Which benefit of Stackwise is true?

A . It allows multiple switches to operate independently while sharing a single management address. B . It enables a Layer 2 switch to be converted to a Layer 3 switch when additional switches are added to the stack.

Which feature is automatically enabled on voice VLAN ports?

The Port Fast feature is automatically enabled when voice VLAN is configured. When you disable voice VLAN, the Port Fast feature is not automatically disabled.

Does Ethernet Switch slow speed?

Ethernet switch won't slow down your connection speed.

How many switches can be connected to a router?

Connect all three switched directly to the router, if your router have enough Ethernet ports and then enable Dot1Q encapsulation to enable inter VLAN routing (if your switches are not L3; couple of switches give you both the features).