How does Bruno describe the fury?

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The person Bruno refers to as "the Fury" is clearly Adolf Hitler, or "the Furor," as Father and Mother would have referred to him. Though Father does his best to impress the Fury and impresses upon his children that they ought to do the same, Bruno judges him harshly as "a horrible man" (124).

Also, why does Bruno call him the fury?

“The Fury” is Bruno's mispronunciation of “the Führer,” a word that means “leader” in German, but has now become forever linked to the rule of Adolf Hitler. Bruno repeats the title “the Fury” whenever he means Hitler, since he only hears Hitler referred to reverently as “the Führer” in his Nazi-supporting household.

Additionally, how does Bruno describe out with? Expert Answers info The Boy in the Striped Pajamas traces the life of Bruno when his family has to move from his beloved Berlin to a place Bruno can only describe as "Out-With," which is "a horrible place." Bruno loves his house in Berlin with banisters for him to slide down and good friends to play and explore with.

Also question is, what does Bruno think of the fury?

"The Fury," of course, is Bruno's erroneous pronunciation of Adolf Hitler's title: "the Führer." The exact words from the novel are that Bruno believes "the Fury" is “the rudest guest I ever seen.” A few of the main reasons why Bruno thinks this are that Adolf Hitler invites himself to Bruno's house for dinner, marches

What does Gretel say the fury does?

Why did Bruno think the Fury was the rudest guest he had ever witnessed? When Gretel expressed that she was learning French, the Fury said, "why would you want to?" Then he left the conversation abruptly and went to the dining room, where he sat down at the head of the table.

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Why is Bruno jealous of Shmuel Why is this ironic?

When Bruno is talking to Shmuel, Bruno gets jealous because Shmuel has more friends than Bruno does. So therefore it is Dramatic Irony because we know that Shmuel doesn't have more friends (they're prisoners) but Bruno doesn't.

Where does Gretel think they are?

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While Bruno is in his room, he looks through the window and sees other children in the distance. Since his parents were busy, Bruno goes to Gretel's room and tells her about the children he saw through the window. He doesn't think they look very friendly. Gretel goes to his room to investigate.

Why is Gretel surprised looking out the window?

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The reason Gretel is so confused is because she has never seen a sight like the one she views out of the window. Gretel sees a community made up of only males, living in squalor in one-floor huts in an area with no greenery.

How does Maria respond to Bruno's question?

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Maria does not immediately respond to Bruno's question about where they are going or what it means. Typical of Boyne's style, Bruno has raised an important ethical and moral question as a child. He has posed a question to Maria which is complex and difficult to answer.

Why does Gretel hesitate before looking out of Bruno's window?

Before Gretel looks out Bruno's window in Chapter 4, she hesitates. She is not sure that she wants to look out, because she is unsure she will like what she sees. Gretel is worried that she might see something that will frighten her or confuse her.

How does Bruno's family react to his disappearance?

When he disappears, his mother and sister leave for Berlin, convinced that he would have gone there. His father remains at Auschwitz and searches for his son. In the end, this shows the effect that Bruno's disappearance has on his family. They could not progress with their life as if nothing had happened.

Why did Lieutenant Kotler leave?

Not only does Lieutenant Kotler have a father who appears to have left the country rather than support it, but the lieutenant has not reported this to his superiors. This was a major breach in military protocol, and so he was removed from his position at Auschwitz.

How does Bruno react to his new house?

Overall, Bruno hates his new home and desires to move back to Berlin immediately. He finds his new home to be boring, cold, and uncomfortable. As the story progresses, Bruno becomes close friends with a Jewish prisoner named Shmuel and seems to adjust to life at Out-With.

Why did Bruno's parents argue?

Why did Bruno's parents argue after the guests left that night after dinner? Because his mother did not want their children to grow up next to a concentration camp but the father wanted to go because he wanted to win the war.

What was a fury?

Definition of fury. 1 : intense, disordered, and often destructive rage. 2a capitalized : any of the avenging deities in Greek mythology who torment criminals and inflict plagues. b : an avenging spirit. c : one who resembles an avenging spirit especially : a spiteful woman.

How does Bruno's mother feel about leaving the house in Berlin?

How does Bruno's mother feel about leaving the house in Berlin? Bruno's mother is upset and sad about leaving the house in Berlin. Bruno realizes that she has a “strange laugh” and doesn't “look happy” when talking about the move. He thinks it is desolate and small and set in a place where there are no other houses.

What happened to Bruno's father at the end?

At the end of the movie, Bruno sneaks away from home, breaks in to the camp in order to help Shmuel find his father, and subsequently is taken to a gas chamber to be executed, as he is mistaken for an actual prisoner.

Who was Herr Roller?

Herr Roller is a traumatized war veteran whose erratic behavior is believed to be due to a severe head injury he sustained at the front. Bruno's too young to understand, though; he just sees Herr Roller as a crazed madman, a figure of fun.

What is the name of their new house?

The name Auschwitz sounds similar to Out-With. Auschwitz is actually the name of the concentration camp located in southern Poland where Bruno's father is in charge of the systematic annihilation of the prisoners.

Who was the fury in the boy in striped pajamas?

The Fury. “The Fury” is Bruno's mispronunciation of “the Führer,” a word that means “leader” in German, but has now become forever linked to the rule of Adolf Hitler.

What examples of dramatic irony can you find in Bruno's encounter with Pavel?

  • An example of dramatic irony is when Bruno scrapes his knee and insist that he goes to the hospital but Pavel cleans up his knee for him.
  • The setting of the novel is in Auschwitz.
  • Eva Braun was Adolf Hitler's wife.
  • A simile is a comparison of two things using "like" or "as".