How do you use Miele caps?

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With a Miele washing machine with CapDosing, you simply put 1 capsule in the hatch of the detergent drawer for each load. Next, touch the 'cap' sensor key on the display and select the correct capsule with the arrow. You can now choose a washing cycle for wool, for example, and the washing machine simply does the rest.

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People also ask, is Miele TwinDos any good?

The Miele WWE760 TwinDos W1 is one of the cheaper Miele models available on the market. Sadly, stain removal was less than impressive, particularly on ground in soils. If you're looking for a washing machine with low energy consumption and even lower water consumption, this Miele is a great choice.

Secondly, can I use liquid detergent in Miele washer? You can use your favourite liquid detergent in the refillable bottles, that are then loaded into the machine or you can use the slightly more expensive, but far superior, Ultra Two phase, Miele detergent. You can also check on your detergent levels so that you're not caught out that next time you go to do a wash load.

In this regard, do you have to use Miele detergent?

Miele's build quality is outstanding and you can't really go wrong with buying one of their machines. You may have concerns that the UltraPhase system means that you'll be tied into using Miele's own liquid detergent, but you can actually use any liquid or powder detergent after the initial batch runs out.

Why is Miele so good?

The Miele brand And the ownership of products from such a brand reveals much about its users: Miele customers have high expectations for the performance, convenience, design and environmental friendliness of their domestic appliances. People who buy Miele are quality conscious and have style!

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Why is Miele so expensive?

Miele's products are more expensive than the budget end of the white goods market, yet its co-proprietor remains sanguine. “If your product breaks down after five or six years, the cost of the service call is nearly coming to the cost of the machine, so you're paying for it a second time.

Which Miele washing machine is best?

Which is the best Miele washing machine? Our top 5 models
  1. Miele WCE320 Quick Powerwash freestanding washing machine.
  2. Miele WCI660 TDos XL&Wifi freestanding washing machine.
  3. Miele WDD035 8kg Series 120 freestanding washing machine.
  4. Miele WDB038 WPS Active Eco freestanding washing machine.

Can you use your own detergent in Miele TwinDos?

Install Miele TwinDos with your own detergent
Of course, it is also possible to use your own liquid detergent or fabric softener. Note: you need 2 empty TwinDos refill reservoirs for this. Fill the empty bottles with your own detergent or fabric softener.

What is Miele cap dosing?

With Miele CapDosing detergent and fabric softener capsules, you can give your favorite wool or silk laundry a special treatment. Each capsule contains exactly enough detergent for a specific fabric. In addition to capsules for wool or silk, Miele has capsules for sports and outdoor clothing, among other things.

Are Miele ovens worth the money?

Miele's single ovens definitely seem worth the money, if you have it. Its most expensive options might be very expensive indeed, but they more than back this up with what they can do. You're paying for quality, and Miele's ovens come with a host of options that will allow you to cook perfect food as easily as possible.

What is Miele PowerWash?

PowerWash offers the highest level of cleaning performance – with QuickPowerWash in less than an hour. Appliances wash up to 40 %* more economically than is required for the highest energy efficiency class, even with moderate cycle times: no programme takes longer than three hours.

What is Miele TwinDos?

TwinDos is a two-phase washing system built into the Miele W1 range of front loader washing machines. It uses two integrated cartridges – the first filled with a liquid detergent (UltraPhase 1) and the second a detergent enhancer liquid (UltraPhase 2), including oxygenated bleach for stain removals.

What is Miele ultra phase2?

Miele Ultraphase 2 Booster Detergent has been specifically formulated to remove residual dirt and stains from your clothes to leave every wash as clean as possible. Designed specially for Miele's innovative TwinDos range, it works best when combined with the brand's Ultraphase 1 detergent.

What is TwinDos care?

With the Miele dispenser TwinDos Care you can clean the dosing hoses of your Miele TwinDos washing machine. This keeps your washing machine working optimally. You use the dispenser as you snap an Ultra Phase 1 and 2 reservoir, but turn on the washing machine without laundry. The dispenser is suitable for 4 to 5 rinses.

What is auto dosing washing machine?

What is an auto dosing washing machine? Take the guesswork out of laundry with these clever appliances. You might not know how much detergent to use in your laundry but some washing machines do. These auto dosing models take any guesswork out of your chores, so your clothes are cleaned to perfection.

How do I setup my Miele washing machine?

  1. Step 1: download the [email protected] app. Download the [email protected] app in the App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Step 2: start registration. Start the registration by pressing start device registration.
  3. Step 3: set up the washing machine. Select [email protected] on your washing machine's display.
  4. Step 4: connect to wireless network.

How do you use Miele washing machine cleaner?

  1. Miele - Descaler for dishwashers and washing machines - 10130980 - 250g.
  2. Instruction for washing machine: Empty entire contents into the empty drum, start on cotton programme at 90-95 degrees, without a pre wash. Depending on water harshness use 1-3 times per year to descale.

How do I reset my Miele washing machine?

Hold Start button while turning on. Wait 2 seconds. Release Start Button then: press, release, press, release, press and hold until light flashes then release.