How do you take care of ICT tools?

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Let's take a look at the 10 commandments of computer care for your workstation PC.
  1. Install Antivirus Software.
  2. Perform Regular Software Updates.
  3. Run Computer Maintenance.
  4. Backup Files.
  5. Keep Your Keyboard Crumb Free.
  6. Clean the Screen.
  7. Remove Dust from Vents and Fans.
  8. Use a Surge Protector.

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Consequently, why must we take proper care of ICT tools?

5 Good Reasons Why Computer Maintenance is so Important

  • Updated: September 22, 2015.
  • Detect issues early, before they become problems.
  • Prevent against viruses and malware.
  • Speed up Your Computer.
  • Keep Antivirus Software Up-to-date.
  • Maximize Software Efficiency.

Secondly, how do you take care of your computer and mobile phones? In this article, we will discuss the basic care and maintenance of your computers.

  1. Keep your software up-to-date.
  2. Install antivirus software.
  3. Secure a backup of your files.
  4. Defragment your hard drive.
  5. Get rid of unused programs.
  6. Activate the Firewall.
  7. Safely remove devices.
  8. Consider reformatting.

Just so, how do you take good care of your computer?

Here are some basic and simple tips to take care of your computer.

  1. Get Padded Protection for Your Laptop.
  2. Be Good to Your Battery.
  3. Use Antivirus and a Firewall.
  4. Defragment Your Hard Drive.
  5. Declutter.
  6. Reformat Your Computer.
  7. Be Careful With Food and Drinks.
  8. Disable Programs You Don't Use.

How do you maintain computer tools and equipment?

The following are some helpful tips on how to clean and properly store your tools.

  1. Keep Power Tools Clean. Dust and grime can bring your power tools to a grinding halt if left unchecked over time.
  2. Store Power Tools Correctly.
  3. Inspect for Wear or Damage.
  4. Lubricate Moving Parts.
  5. Keep Batteries in Shape.

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What are two proper care rules for the mouse?

  1. Your Mouse - Tips for Care and Feeding. DIRT & GRIME - A dirty computer mouse is not just a cosmetic concern.
  2. - - Remove the ball and blow out the dust in the cavity.
  3. - - Wipe off dirt on the ball.
  4. - - Wipe off dirt on the flat surface of the mouse.
  5. - - Wipe the mouse pad clean.
  6. - - Keep the work surface clean.

What tools does a maintenance man need?

Must-Have Tools for Maintenance Techs
  • Battery platform. If the maintenance staff is not yet completely cordless with portable power tools, it's time to make that switch.
  • Power tools. Once the staff has chosen a brand, invest in the power tools they're likely to use most often.
  • Hand tools.
  • Flashlights.
  • Drywall repair kits.
  • Electric tools.

How do you take care of a monitor?

How to Take Care of Your Computer Monitor
  1. Use a surge protector. Never plug your display directly into wall current.
  2. Keep the air vents open. Never cover the air vents on the top or sides of a monitor.
  3. Leave your monitor on.
  4. Check the connections.
  5. Klutzproof your monitor.

Why is it important to store tools and equipment properly?

It important to clean, sanitize and store equipment properly for us to avoid bacteria from penetrating or accidents. Cleaning and sanitizing the equipment is essential because it helps us to be more secured, far from bacteria and other causes of illnesses.

How do I take care of my hard drive?

Follow These 10 Tips to Maintain Hard Drive Performance:
  1. Think Twice Before Installing or Downloading Software.
  2. Install Software That Applies Only to Business Operations.
  3. Update the Operating System.
  4. Remove Unnecessary Programs.
  5. Defragment the Hard Drive.
  6. Clean in and Around the Physical Machine.
  7. Maintain Computer Security.

What things you need to remember while using a computer?

  • Work faster using keyboard shortcuts. The great thing about computers is that they can work much faster than you can.
  • Protect yourself from viruses and spyware. It's critical that you keep your security software current.
  • Share large files the easy way.
  • Fix Wi-Fi problems.
  • Perform regular maintenance and make backups.

Why do we need to take good care of your computer?

Prevention Against Viruses and Malware
When this occurs either at home or a business, it can be costly to fix and can even cost a company money in other ways such as loss of productivity. But, keeping computers well-maintained can keep both viruses and malware away and keep your computer running in tip-top shape.

How can I take good care of my laptop?

  1. Keep liquids away from your laptop.
  2. Having antivirus software available is the best defence against a virus.
  3. Keep food away from your laptop.
  4. Do not use your computer in a room where animals are.
  5. Ideally keep the computer in a clean and dust free room.
  6. Always have clean hands when using your laptop.

What is the correct way to update a device driver?

How to update drivers using Device Manager
  1. Open Start.
  2. Search for Device Manager and click the top result to open the tool.
  3. Double-click the branch with the hardware you want to update.
  4. Right-click the hardware and select the Update driver option.
  5. Click the Search automatically for updated driver software option.

How do I make my laptop quicker?

Optimize Windows for better performance
  1. Try the Performance troubleshooter.
  2. Delete programs you never use.
  3. Limit how many programs run at startup.
  4. Clean up your hard disk.
  5. Run fewer programs at the same time.
  6. Turn off visual effects.
  7. Restart regularly.
  8. Change the size of virtual memory.

What should you not do on a laptop?

12 things you should not do with your laptop
  1. Do not let it get Dirty.
  2. Avoid spillage.
  3. Forget to plug it into a surge protector.
  4. Do not connect power supply first.
  5. Do Not Carry it uncovered.
  6. Original charger.
  7. Do not overcharge your laptop.
  8. Don't Install unknown programs.

Where should you put your laptop when using it?

Make sure to store notebook computers at room temperature. If your laptop is accidentally exposed to extremely hot or cold temperatures, give it plenty of time to return to room temperature before starting it. A laptop should sit on a stable surface. Even small bumps and short drops can damage a computer.

How often should I service my laptop?

Once a year should be good for most computers. But, if your computer is starting to run a little slow a quick tune-up or clean-up can go a long way to speed things up. Typically having your computer serviced will get it running like new.

Where should I place my laptop?

You can keep the laptop in a drawer, bookcase, or cupboard, or in the box with the rest of the laptop stuff. Keeping it in the same place means that you can always find it when you need it. Avoid putting the laptop in a spot where it can overheat.

What is the basic computer maintenance?

Computer maintenance is the practice of keeping computers in a good state of repair. A computer containing accumulated dust and debris may not run properly. If the cooling system is not filtered then regular computer cleaning may prevent short circuits and overheating.

How do you take good care of your smartphone?

Keeping your iPhone/Android smartphone screen clean will make your phone look great. Clean your device once in a while with a soft cloth. Don't use tissue paper or anything else but a soft cloth, otherwise there is high risk of scratching specially on screen. Keep it with you all times.

How can I keep my phone in good condition?

But it turns out that it's pretty easy for you to keep your smartphone — either an iPhone or an Android phone — running like new.

7 Ways to Keep Your Smartphone Running Like New
  1. Keep your software updated.
  2. Uninstall apps that you don't need anymore.
  3. Cut down on background tasks.
  4. Clean up your home screen.
  5. Reduce animations.