How do you stretch a fence that has come along?

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Stretching the fence comes next. Insert another tension bar about 3 feet from where the potential end of the fence will be (just eyeball it, as you'll be stretching it anyway). Attach one end of the come-along to this tension bar and the other end to the terminal post. Now you can start cranking on the come-along.

Similarly, how do you use a come around to stretch a fence?

Push the back of a fence clamp downward to open the pinchers and insert the wire into it, leaving enough excess to secure it to the post later. Push the back of the clamp upward to hold the wire securely in place. Then place the metal loop on the other end of the clamp onto the metal hook on the come-along.

Also, do you stretch welded wire fence? Welded wire fencing material cannot be tightened as much as woven wire meshes, such as field fence, horse fence, deer and wildlife fence. Don't forget to bring along a helper like Little Bit!

Simply so, how do you tighten a chain link fence?

Thread a tension wire through the bottom loops of the mesh and tighten it around the end posts.

  1. Chain link mesh must be pulled taut or it will sag. Stretching is done with a tool called a fence puller.
  2. Insert a pull bar through the unattached mesh a few feet from the final post.
  3. Attach the yoke to the pull bar.

How do you tighten a chicken wire fence?

Manual Tensioning With Help

  1. STEP 1) Attach a Broom Handle. Thread a piece of wood such as a broom handle through the chicken wire holes so that it allows your helper to grip and pull the chicken wire tight.
  2. STEP 2) Pull the Broom Handle & Staple the Chicken Wire to the Post.
  3. STEP 3) Rinse & Repeat.

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How do you install an uneven ground fence?

Nail the measured rails to the middle of the premeasured fence posts. Review the straightness of the line before you remove the stakes for post-holes. Dig the pits with a mattock and set the fence posts. Attach the top and bottom rails and follow the contour of the land.

What is a come along tool?

A come-a-long (comealong, come-along, power puller) is a hand operated winch with a ratchet used to pull objects. The drum is wrapped with wire rope. A similar tool that uses a nylon strap is used to straighten trees in Texas, as it straightens gradually over time, therefore not splitting the trunk.

How tight should chain link fence be?

Once the fabric is all stood-up and the cable jack is taut, but not too tight. Pull the fabric from the far end of the fence line away from the cable jack by lifting it, shaking it and pulling it toward the cable jack. Repeat this every ten feet.

How far apart are fence posts for barbed wire?

Once you have the corners set and braced, run a guide line between them to ensure you set your T-posts in a straight line. You should space your posts 8-12 feet apart as a general rule, although 10-12 feet apart is sufficient for 5-6 wire barbed fence.

How tight should barbed wire be?

High tensile barbed wire can be installed up to 30' with stays. Low carbon wire can be installed at 12-15'. For high tensile barbed wire, pull the wire until it is tight, but not too tight. Over-tightening will cause stress and breakage.