How do you say the alphabet on the phone?

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The 26 code words in the NATO phonetic alphabet are assigned to the 26 letters of the English alphabet in alphabetical order as follows: Alfa, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel, India, Juliett, Kilo, Lima, Mike, November, Oscar, Papa, Quebec, Romeo, Sierra, Tango, Uniform, Victor, Whiskey, X-ray, Yankee

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Similarly one may ask, how do you say the alphabet over the phone?

A typical use of the NATO Phonetic Alphabet would be to spell out each letter in a word over the phone by saying, for example: "S as in Sierra" (or "S for Sierra"), "E as in Echo, Y as in Yankee, F as in Foxtrot, R as in Romeo, I as in India, E as in Echo, D as in Delta" to communicate the spelling of the name "

Subsequently, question is, what is L in the phonetic alphabet? NATO Phonetic Alphabet

Letter phonetic letter
K Kilo
L Lima
M Mike
N November

Besides, how do you pronounce the alphabet in words?

Phonetic Spelling Alphabet

  1. A - Alpha.
  2. B - Bravo.
  3. C - Charlie.
  4. D - Delta.
  5. E - Echo.
  6. F - Foxtrot.
  7. G - Golf.
  8. H - Hotel.

What is the radio alphabet?

A spelling alphabet, radio alphabet, or telephone alphabet is a set of words which are used to stand for the letters of an alphabet. It is used to spell out words when speaking to someone not able to see the speaker, meaning there are no visual cues which assist the listener.

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How do you spell the letter W?

W or w is the 23rd and fourth-to-last letter of the modern English and ISO basic Latin alphabets. It usually represents a consonant, but in some languages it represents a vowel. Its name in English is double-u, plural double-ues.

Other letters commonly used with w(x)

How do you spell the letter Z?

Z or z is the 26th and final letter of the modern English alphabet and the ISO basic Latin alphabet. Its usual names in English are zed (pronounced /ˈz?d/) and zee /ˈziː/, with an occasional archaic variant izzard /ˈ?z?rd/.

How do you spell the letter H?

H or h is the eighth letter in the ISO basic Latin alphabet. Its name in English is aitch (pronounced /ˈe?t?/, plural aitches), or regionally haitch /ˈhe?t?/.

How do you spell the letter D?

A spelling alphabet, word-spelling alphabet, voice procedure alphabet, radio alphabet, or telephone alphabet is a set of words used to stand for the letters of an alphabet in oral communication.

Flaghoist spelling alphabets.
Symbol D
c. 1908 Diver
1920 (proposed) Damascus
c. 1942 Dog

What is the code word for the letter M?

code word for the letter m (4)
Code word for the letter M
Former communications code for the letter M (4)

How do you spell J?

Correct spelling for the English word "J" is [d?_ˈe?], [d??ˈe??], [d‍?ˈe‍?]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What does your phone number spell?

What does my phone number spell? Ever wondered what your phone number spells? Use this tool to find that perfect alphanumeric combination that's just right for your business cards.

Phone Number Spelling Tool.
1=1 2=ABC 3=DEF

What is M in the military alphabet?

The military phonetic alphabet uses 27 code words to represent each letter of the alphabet.

Military Alphabet.
Character Code Word Pronunciation
M Mike Mike
N November NOH vem ber
O Oscar OSS car
P Papa PAH pah

What is Z in military alphabet?


What are the phonetic words?

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is a system where each symbol is associated with a particular English sound.

Short Vowels.
IPA Symbol Word examples
e Went, intend, send, letter.
æ Cat, hand, nap, flat, have.
? Fun, love, money, one, London, come.

What are the 24 Greek letters?

These twenty-four letters (each in uppercase and lowercase forms) are: Α α, Β β, Γ γ, Δ δ, Ε ε, Ζ ζ, Η η, Θ θ, Ι ι, Κ κ, Λ λ, Μ μ, Ν ν, Ξ ξ, Ο ο, Π π, Ρ ρ, Σ σ/ς, Τ τ, Υ υ, Φ φ, Χ χ, Ψ ψ, and Ω ω.

Greek alphabet
  • Greece.
  • Cyprus.
  • European Union.

How do you pronounce Lima?

LIMA — LIE-muh or LEE-muh? President Donald Trump's visit to the Joint Systems Manufacturing Center Wednesday reignited the debate over how to pronounce Lima. The president got it right — LIE-muh — but some out-of-state reporters got in wrong, confusing the city in Ohio with the city in Peru, pronounced LEE-muh.

What is Oscar Tango Mike?

Oscar-Mike: On the Move. Tango Mike: Thanks Much. Tango Uniform: Toes Up, meaning killed or destroyed.

What does Tango Charlie mean?

Tango Charlie is a 2005 Indian Hindi war film written and directed by Mani Shankar. The film deals with insurgency and extremism in various parts of India, and was described by BBC's Jaspreet Pandohar as "an interesting study of Indian terrorism, violence, and valour".

What does Oscar Mike mean?

Oscar Mike is military radio jargon and literally translates to “On The Move”.

What does Lima Charlie mean?

Lima Charlie is a military code meaning Loud & Clear. The idea is simple, our name needs to represent our values: rigor, quality and commitment.

What is Alpha Beta Charlie?

Briefly put, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, etc., are words used in spelling of the 26 letters of the Latin (resp. English) alphabet. They were designed to minimize the number of errors when spelling a series of letters during a radio transmission. The system is most commonly called the NATO phonetic alphabet.