How do you remove a broken grease fitting?

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Wiggle and tap it into place with your fingers and hand. The serrated edges inside of the tool will securely grasp what is left of the bottom bolt head portion of the grease fitting. Once firmly in place, turn the tool in a counterclockwise rotation to remove the grease fitting.

Correspondingly, how do you change a grease fitting?

How to Change a Grease Fitting

  1. Clean the area around the broken grease fitting with a rag.
  2. Place an appropriate size open-end wrench around the hex nut of the fitting.
  3. Thread a new grease fitting into the grease hole until you can no longer turn it by hand.
  4. Apply grease to the fitting as usual with your grease gun.

Additionally, how do you clean Zerk fittings? Keep grease fittings and pins clean and clear of dirt, debris and hardened grease so they remain effective.
  1. Spray a petroleum-based spray lube onto a grease fitting or grease fitting pin, then wipe it off with a rag.
  2. Heat up clogged grease fittings and pins with a standard hair dryer or a heat gun on the low setting.

Also to know is, what size thread are grease fittings?

Grease fittings come in many different styles. There are two grease fittings that are very common. These are the 1/4″-28 thread and the 1/8″ NPT thread. However, there are other less common grease fitting threads in use.

Why does my grease gun get stuck on the fitting?

It gets stuck because the pin / bushing is clogged. It will continue to get stuck until you clear out the built up gunk. You can try solvent and wiggling the pin, driving it back and forth. There is also a grease gun like device that injects high pressure solvent to break up the clog.

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Are there different size grease Zerks?

There are Metric grease zerks. Seems they come in sizes like M6, M8 and M10.

What is the best grease gun coupler?

Best Grease Gun Coupler Review- Comparison Table?
  1. 05 Best Grease Gun Couplers for 2018.
  2. Lumax LX-1404 Silver 90 Degree Grease Coupler.
  3. DEWALT DCGG5702 Right Angle Grease Gun Coupler.
  4. LockNLube Grease Gun Coupler.
  5. Gurtech Grease Coupler.
  6. Lumax LX-1400-2 Silver 1/8" NPT Standard Grease Coupler.

How much grease comes out of a grease gun?

Answer: Generally, a shot of grease means one stroke from the grease gun. However, the output, or amount of lubricant dispensed from a grease gun depends on the model. Grease guns deliver widely varying amounts of grease (typically 0.1 ounce or 2 to 3 grams).

How do you release pressure from a grease gun?

Release the rod handle by turning it out from the retaining groove in the end cap. Depress the rod handle; this will force grease into the head of the grease gun and force air out. Pump some grease through the nozzle and wipe it clean before attaching the nozzle to the gun.

How do you store a grease gun?

Cartridge tubes of grease should be stored upright at all times. If a cartridge tube is left in a grease gun, the grease gun should be depressurized, wiped with a clean cloth to remove any contaminants and stored in a horizontal position inside a clean, cool, dry area to keep the oil from bleeding out of the grease.

Why is it called a Zerk fitting?

One account says he developed the first 6-cylinder engine and a crude automatic transmission in Austria before coming to the U.S. in 1907, when he changed his name to Oscar Ulysses Zerk. Zerk had the idea for a new automobile lubricating system, and established a company in Cleveland to manufacture it.

How do you grease a riding lawn mower?

Press the grease gun coupler onto the zerk fitting and gently press the handle to begin the grease flow. When greasing your lawn mower, park the machine on a solid and flat service, such as the driveway. Turn off the ignition and permit the mower to cool down for about ten minutes.

What is a Zerk fitting?

A grease fitting, grease nipple, Zerk fitting, or Alemite fitting is a metal fitting used in mechanical systems to feed lubricants, usually lubricating grease, into a bearing under moderate to high pressure using a grease gun.

What size thread is a Zerk fitting?

Some zerks are 1/4-28 UNF tapered thread, but they fit a straight 1/4-28 tapped hole.

Can you put a grease fitting in ball joint?

Most manufactureres use sealed ball joints that do not come with grease zerk fittings. You can use a grease zerk needle attachment to get past the dust boot and pump some grease into that ball joint.

What size is a #7 drill bit?

#7 is a 0.201" diameter bit, 13/64" is 0.203" diameter.

Are grease fittings metric?

Metric Grease Fittings are available in both regular and stainless steel. Metric Grease Fittings are also referred to as Metric Zerk Fittings, Metric Lubrication Fittings, Metric Hydraulic Fittings, and Metric Zerks.

What size is a #3 drill bit?

To Tap This Size Screw Or Bolt: Use This Drill Bit: (Closest Fractional:)
1/4-28 NF #3 7/32"
1/4-32 NEF 7/32" 7/32"
1/4-40 NS #1 -
7mm-1.00mm 6.1mm 15/64"