How do you program a orbit 6 sprinkler timer?

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Programming 6-Station Timers
  1. Turn the dial to "Cycle Start Times."
  2. Press the "+" or "-" to set the start time.
  3. Press "Enter" to confirm the start time.
  4. Press "Next" to set the start time for each additional program, following the same procedure.

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Also, how do you test an orbital sprinkler system?

From the Timer Box

  1. Turn the dial to the "Auto" position and press the "Manual" key to test the valves on Easy Dial and Easy Set Orbit timers.
  2. Turn the dial to the "Auto" position and move the slide switch for the desired valve up to the "Manual On" position to test valves on Orbit's "Individual Station Slide" timers.

Secondly, how much water does my lawn need? Your lawn needs at least 1”-1 ½” of water per week, year-round, during the winter, too. Water deeply 2-3 times per week, rather than daily. Water as early in the morning as you can, when possible. If you can't push a 6” screwdriver into your lawn, you're not watering enough.

In this manner, what does no AC mean on orbit sprinkler timer?

The NO or NO AC display is a diagnostic message telling you that the controller has stopped receiving AC power. The controller is running on the power supplied by the backup battery. Check the power source by plugging a lamp or radio into the wall outlet to verify there is power at the outlet.

What is budget in orbit sprinkler system?

between the actual time and the remaining hours of the. delay, every 2 seconds. Water Budgeting. Water Budgeting is a simple way to adjust your watering duration to match seasonal watering needs . Water Budgeting works by increasing or decreasing watering duration for all stations in each program .

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Why does my orbit sprinkler timer says off power?

Why does my timer show “off pwr” in the LCD display? This can be caused by: • Disconnected power supply. A blown fuse (in some models). Programming Note: To conserve water, Orbit® timers are equipped with a rain delay feature.

How does orbit rain delay work?

[RAIN DELAY] allows you to delay your sprinkler timer from watering for a set period of time . Delay settings are 24, 48, and 72 hours . If a longer Rain Delay is desired, press the [+/–] buttons to increase or decrease the setting .

How do you set a Rainbird sprinkler timer?

Turn the dial to "Set Watering Start Times" and press the up and down keys to set the desired time. The system will turn on all the valves for that program in sequence at the time selected. If more than one watering cycle is desired each day, press the "Manual Start/Advance" key and then select another time.

Why does my sprinkler not rotate?

Age, excessive pressure, or poor water quality may eventually allow particles of contamination to enter the gear drive. If the sprinkler is no longer rotating and the water flow coming out of the sprinkler has decreased, you can first try cleaning out the filter by removing the pop-up assembly from the main body.

How do you manually run a sprinkler system?

Pro-C - Manually Run a Single Station
  1. Turn the dial to the MANUAL position.
  2. Station run time will flash in the display. Use the button to move to the desired station.
  3. Turn the dial to the RUN position to run the station (only the designated station will water, then controller will return to automatic mode with no change in the previously set program).

How do you adjust orbit sprinkler distance?

To adjust spray distance, turn the screw in the center of the nozzle with a flat-head screwdriver. Turn it clockwise to decrease spray distance and counterclockwise to increase it.