How do you make a square bracelet?

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Regarding this, what is a gimp bracelet?

A gimp, also called a gymp or boondoggle, is a lacing stitch used to make bracelets, keychains, pulleys, and even bookmarks. It's a wonderful stitch to know, and useful for a variety of applications, and is the cornerstone of all "boondoggle" stitches.

Similarly, what are Scoobies made of? Scoobies. The name Scoobies can refer to: Scoubidous, a toy made of coloured plastic strands.

Furthermore, what is plastic lacing?

Plastic lacing crafts have been around for a long time, with names as colorful as their plastic pieces. One or two (or four, or eight) strands of flexible lacing can be twisted, braided, and tied into jewelry, keychains, zipper pulls and more.

How do you make butterfly Scooby strings?

Butterfly simply involves placing one loop of Scoubidou inside of another loop of scooby and is created using either one colour folded in half, or two different colours. You will need: Two scooby Strings that are twice as long as you want your finished project.

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