How do you hang Christmas stockings without a fireplace?

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16 Christmas Stocking Hanging Ideas (that don't require a fireplace)
  1. Hang Christmas stockings from a branch. Source: The Merrythought.
  2. Hang them from a bookcase.
  3. Use a coat rack to hang your stockings.
  4. Put them on a coat tree.
  5. Hang from a ladder.
  6. Hang from a piano.
  7. Hang from a stairwell.
  8. Hang in the window.

Hereof, where do you hang Christmas stockings without a fireplace?

There are several other creative ways to hang your stockings in your apartment where Santa can still easily find them – without a fireplace.

  • Stocking holder. Probably the easiest way to hang your stockings is from a stocking holder.
  • Curtain rod.
  • Wooden ladder.
  • String.
  • Knobs of a drawer or cabinets.
  • Bedpost or bed frame.

Beside above, when should you hang Christmas stockings? A Christmas stocking is an empty sock or sock-shaped bag that is hung on Saint Nicholas Day or Christmas Eve so that Saint Nicholas (or the related figures of Santa Claus and Father Christmas) can fill it with small toys, candy, fruit, coins or other small gifts when he arrives.

Likewise, people ask, how do you hang Christmas stockings without a mantle?

11 Ways to Hang Christmas Stockings Without a Mantel

  1. Staircase Railing. A staircase is a common focal point for Christmas decorations.
  2. Hang from Garland. Hang the Christmas stockings from a garland with ornament hooks.
  3. Bookcase. Bookcase shelves are an ideal spot for hanging Christmas stockings.
  4. Shelves.
  5. Fireplace Screen.
  6. Tinsel Line.
  7. Plaque With Hooks.
  8. Adhesive Wall Hooks.

What do you put in Christmas stockings?

Pick out items like pencils, crayons, small watercolor sets, or stickers to put in the child's stocking. There are tons of fun craft supplies you can find that don't cost very much and are small enough to fill any size stocking. Coloring books, small journals, stamps, and fun erasers can go in the stocking as well.

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Which way should Christmas stockings face?

Beautiful stockings! Im a hang 'em to the left person. Traditionally, I believe if you are looking at them hanging on a fireplace, they point to the left as they look in this listing.

Where should I put the Christmas tree?

Place your Christmas tree in the most appropriate feng shui bagua area of your home.

Here are the best feng shui areas for your Christmas tree:
  • East (health and family)
  • Southeast (money and abundance)
  • South (fame and reputation)

How do you hang stockings on brick fireplace?

Method 2 of 3: Using a brick hanger
  1. Purchase a brick wall hanger. These are available at hardware stores.
  2. Select a position for the hanger on the fireplace alcove.
  3. Hang the hanger in place.
  4. Pull out the hanging tabs from the center of the brick hanger.
  5. Done.

How do you hang stockings on the wall?

Take the wire and wrap it tightly around the hook part of the hanging hook. Take the other end of the wire and wrap around the log to hang it on the wall. Wrap the other end of the wire to the hook to secure the log. Repeat for rest of hanging hooks until the log is secure on the wall.

How do I hang garland on my mantle?

Here's how:
  1. Attach several clear or white removable hooks evenly spaced on top of the mantel.
  2. Securely tie fishing wire around the garland to align with the hooks.
  3. Tie the other end of the fishing wire around the hooks tightly, so the garland is hanging in front of the mantel in a draping effect.

Why do we hang stockings?

Why do we hang up a stocking? Simple answer: So Father Christmas can fill it with presents if you've been good. According to tradition, the original Saint Nicholas put gold coins in the stockings of three poor sisters. One night, the girls left their stockings drying over the fireplace.

How do you attach a mantel?

How to Install a Mantel
  1. Remove the old mantel.
  2. Add support by drilling holes for lag shields, then install lag bolts into the brick.
  3. Measure carefully and drill corresponding holes for the wood mantel.
  4. Push the wooden mantel carefully into place using wood glue for extra support.

How do you hang socks on a fireplace?

Find a sturdy, heavy branch that you can hang against the wall with a large ribbon or set atop your mantel. Tie lengths of twine around the branch to hang the stockings from. Then, place it on the mantel along with other decor like sculptures, garland, candles and lanterns.

How do you hang stockings on a stair rail?

Hanging stockings along the staircase railing is a popular alternative to using a mantel. You can achieve this look in a couple of ways: either using self-adhesive hooks or wall hooks that screw into the wood handrail or by using decorative ribbon or ties to hang the stockings.

Are Christmas stockings Pagan?

Like many traditions, the Christmas stocking is a blend from myth, legend and history. It is not unheard of that the early Christian Church would co-opt or mimic the traditions of other cultures in order to allow their missionaries to spread the gospel in pagan lands (the process is called Syncretism).

What can I put in a man's Christmas stocking?

Stocking Stuffers for Men:
  • Cologne – samples work best because they are smaller and cheaper.
  • Soap – handmade beer or manly soap is nice.
  • Undies.
  • Socks.
  • chocolate or other candy.
  • chocolate covered bacon, pretzels, or other junk food items (beef jerky, canned cheese, etc)
  • Bottle opener, bottle opener ring.
  • Beanie/knit hat.

Why do they put oranges in stockings?

St. Nicholas traveled to the house, and tossed three sacks of gold down the chimney for each of the dowries. The gold happened to land in each of the girls' stockings which were hanging by the fire to dry. The oranges we receive today are a symbol of the gold that was left in the stockings.

Should stocking fillers be wrapped?

No, stocking presents are all about instant gratification and should not be wrapped. We wrap them. They're opened first thing in the morning, on our bed. I always wrap stocking fillers apart from bits that are in blind bags - lego mini figures, hotwheels cars, lucky bags etc.

Why is coal given for Christmas?

A lump of coal in a stocking is the universal sign for a child being punished. In 16th century Holland, children would put their clogs (this was before stockings) by their fireplace before Christmas. Good children would wake to find their clogs filled with cookies or candy, while bad children found coal.

What country did Christmas stockings originate?

The tradition of Christmas stockings originated in the generous deeds of a nobleman named Nicholas who was born in 280 A.D. in Asia Minor.

How many presents are in a stocking?

15 in stockings - a mixture of sweets, books, toothbrush etc. I normally put them away and give them the presents throughout the year (eg if we are going in a long car journey). 1-2 main presents - something they want eg a new scooter.

Why do we have Christmas trees?

The evergreen fir tree has traditionally been used to celebrate winter festivals (pagan and Christian) for thousands of years. Pagans used branches of it to decorate their homes during the winter solstice, as it made them think of the spring to come. Christians use it as a sign of everlasting life with God.