How do I reset my wag lockbox?

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Set your lockbox code
  1. Open the lockbox by aligning the numbers with the central line.
  2. On the inside of the lockbox door, locate the silver lever next to “RESET.” Press firmly to move the lever to open and down until it sits next to “RESET.”
  3. With the lockbox now open, move the number dials to your desired combination.

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Simply so, do you have to return wag lockbox?

I am a dog walker for Wag. They will request return of the lockbox if you don't book a walk within 30 days or so. These are only "free" for use with the service, you will end up either spending your time having to return it or get charged for it later if you don't book walks for your dog.

Secondly, how do you program a lock box? To set the combination for a new lock box or reset the combination for an existing lock box:

  1. While open, set the combination to your own unique code; or reset it to a new code.
  2. Move the locking lever from B back to A.
  3. Before shutting your lock box, test the code two times to verify your new combination has been set.

Similarly, it is asked, how do wag lock boxes work?

Wag! will send lockboxes to pet parents who request them. Place the lockbox where it's protected from damage. Cover the lockbox in cold weather to keep it from freezing shut. Please don't put your only set of house keys in the lockbox.

Do you tip Wag Walkers?

You can set your own schedule, including early morning and late night walks; Some owners tip very well (I have a few clients who tip 50% on a $12 walk). Wag should take no more than 20% of a walker's pay and owners should be informed how much the walker actually receives so they are more likely to tip.”

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Is the WAG lock box free?

Wag! provides free lock boxes to securely store your key somewhere accessible to your walker, allowing her/him to safely gain access to your home. You can also facilitate the access/key exchange yourself, or you can leave special instructions for the walker in the app if you have a preferred method of entry.

How do I use wag?

To become a dog walker with Wag, apply online. You have to fill out a job application that asks for basic information, availability, social media links, experience, etc. All aspiring dog walkers must pass a background check and Wag certification before they can become a Wag dog walker.

How do you become a preferred Walker on WAG?

From the Past Walkers/Walks screen
  1. Go to your Past Walkers/Walks tab in your sidebar →
  2. Click on the Walkers tab →
  3. Tap the heart by the names of the Walkers you want set as preferred.

How does wag pay out?

You get paid three base amounts: $9 for a 20-minute walk. $12 for a 30-minute walk. $18 for a 60-minute walk.

How do you wag a walker?

The service works a lot like Uber, Postmates, or TaskRabbit — when dog owners request a walk on the Wag app, it pairs them with a “Wag walker” nearby. Then the walker shows up, walks the dog, and drops it off safely at home. A 30-minute stroll costs a pup's humans $20 ($25 in San Francisco), and an hour costs $30.

How do Rover walkers get into your house?

When you submit a booking request through Rover Now, you'll be prompted to provide home entry instructions for your pet care provider. These instructions are only viewable to them on the day of the booking. It's up to you to decide how you'd like your sitter or walker to access your home.

Do dog walkers have keys to your house?

Your dog walker should hold a second set of keys primarily in the case of an emergency. This means that your dog walker can ensure your dog will never be left at home alone with no way to access the property.

How do I stop wag texts?

How do I turn off notifications? You may turn off your notifications in the Availability tab on the Walker app. (Note: You will still receive notifications if you are a Past or Preferred Walker for an owner.)

How much do wag walks cost?

Each Wag walk costs $20 per half hour per dog and can be ordered either in 30- or 60-minute blocks. An additional dog from the same household is another $5. Wag has raised almost $2.5 million in seed funding from well-regarded VC firms including Greylock, Freestyle Capital and Crunchfund.

Can you start a wag walk early?

Starting a walk early. I recommend if you're going to be 30 minutes early and it's your first time walking for the owner to shoot them a text before or at least make sure you're being honest when setting your eta.

How do I change my profile picture on WAG?

To update your profile picture:
  1. Click on the Wag!
  2. Click on the link at the top, below your name, that says “View Profile”→
  3. Click on the camera icon next to your profile photo →
  4. Acknowledge the photo taking tips →

Is Rover Pet Sitting Safe?

Horrible, horrible service. Their rover guarantee of safety is worthless. What they don't tell you is that they only cover the vet bill for anything over $250. The pet sitter was nice, but she didn't even notice that my dog had been bitten, was bleeding, and was in pain.