How do I reset my autonomous standing desk?

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Reset Steps:
  1. Unplug the desk for 20 seconds. Plug it back in. Wait a full 20 seconds.
  2. Press the up and down buttons until the desk lowers all the way and beeps or 20 seconds pass.
  3. Release both buttons.
  4. Press the down buttons until the desk beeps one more time or 20 seconds pass.

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Correspondingly, how do I program my autonomous standing desk?

How to set standing desk presets of the Autonomous SmartDesk 2

  1. Hold the M button for a few seconds.
  2. Height display starts to blink.
  3. Then click the numbers 1, 2, 3 or 4 to set the height.
  4. How do I reset my Autonomous standing desk?
  5. Unplug the desk.
  6. Plug it back and wait 20 seconds.

Likewise, how do I reset my linak desk? Press and hold Down for 5 seconds, wait until all desk movement has stopped, then release a. If initialization is successful, you should see a slight up/down “handshake” movement of the desk legs b.

Beside this, how do I reset my Jarvis standing desk?


  1. Hold the DOWN button until the desk lowers to its lowest point.
  2. Press and hold the DOWN button again for about 10 seconds.
  3. Press and hold the DOWN button again until your desk dips down slightly, and pops back up (if it doesn't move after 10 seconds you may have to press and hold it again).

What is autonomous AI?

The real threat is autonomy AI is basically smart software that enables machines to mimic human behavior. For many people, it is already a part of daily life. Apple's Siri, Google Now, and Skype's Real-Time Translation tool are all examples of artificial intelligence.

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What is a smart desk?

Made by New York-based technology manufacturing company Cemtrex, the SmartDesk is a sit-to-stand desk that has everything you might need built into the desk itself.

How do you reset a Steelcase desk?

Operate the Desk all the way up and down to confirm proper function. POWER CYCLE THE CONTROL BOX: In the unlikely event that an error occurs, and the desk is unresponsive, disconnect power to the desk for at least 10 seconds to reset the Control Box.