How do I read a metar report?

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  1. Use the initial code letters to identify the type of report. If you're looking at a METAR report, you will see it listed at the beginning.
  2. Note the station identifier after the report type.
  3. Read the next numbers to find the report's date and time.
  4. Look for a short phrase explaining how the report was modified.

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People also ask, what does a metar report?

A typical METAR contains data for the temperature, dew point, wind direction and speed, precipitation, cloud cover and heights, visibility, and barometric pressure. The complement to METARs, reporting forecast weather rather than current weather, are TAFs. METARs and TAFs are used in VOLMET broadcasts.

One may also ask, what does TAF mean? Terminal Aerodrome Forecast

People also ask, how do you read RVR in Metar?

Reading RVR From The METAR In a METAR, RVR starts with the runway, coded with the letter "R", followed by the runway number. In this example, "R18R" means RVR is being reported for runway 18 Right. RVR visibility is coded using four digits, representing RVR distance in feet.

What is a speci?

SPECI Reports. Special Reports (SPECI) are Aerodrome Weather Reports issued whenever weather conditions fluctuate about or are below specified criteria. During 'adverse' weather conditions it is common for a Meteorological Office and/or AWS to issue multiple SPECI reports between routine reporting times.

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What is Metar and TAF?

Important Terms. METAR - Acronym for Meteorological Aerodrome Report (current weather at an airport) TAF - Terminal Aerodrome Forecast. AGL - Above Ground Level. MSL - Mean Sea level.

What does VCSH mean in a TAF?

Version Control System for $HOME

What does AUTO mean in Metar?

What does the word "AUTO" in a METAR message indicate? The presence of "AUTO" in a METAR report message indicates a fully automated report with no human intervention. Absence of AUTO indicates that the report is either a manual report or an automated report with an observer logged on to the system.

What does 9999 mean in a TAF?

Visibility 9999 means the visibility is greater than 10 km. / / means this part of the METAR is not available (ie cloud and visibility not available from an automated weather station)

Is Metar AGL or MSL?

Ground stations report AGL; pilots report MSL (what they see on their altimeter). So, METARs and TAFs are AGL, while UAs are MSL.

What does Shra mean in a TAF?

A simply stands for Altimeter. 3016 means 30.16 inches of mercury for the pressure. RMK AO2-REMARKS. RMK simply means REMARKS and marks the end of the standard metar observation and the beginning of the remarks that are put in as necessay.

How are TAFs generated?

TAFs are issued every three hours for military airfields and some civil airfields and cover a period ranging from 3 hours to 30 hours. TAFs complement and use similar encoding to METAR reports. They are produced by a human forecaster based on the ground.

What does Becmg mean in TAF?

In TAF, FM is different in which it denotes a quick change that will take place in less than 60 minutes during the prevailing weather conditions in a certain time frame. BECMG, as you may guess, stands for "BECOMING", and it denotes a permanent change in the prevailing Wx conditions.

Are TAF Times Zulu?

The time starting with the hour: This will always be in the 24-hour format or “military” time. The letter “Z” is at the end to remind you the TAF is NOT in local time, it's in “ZULUtime.

What is vertical visibility?

vertical visibility. A subjective or instrumental evaluation of the vertical distance into a surface- based obscuration that an observer is able to see. The height ascribed to vertical visibility is always a ceiling height.

What does P mean in a Metar?

P. indicates greater than the highest reportable value. PCPN. precipitation.

What is Fu Metar?

FU Smoke. FZ Freezing. GR Hail (>5mm) GS Small Hail / Snow.

What does Rae mean in Metar?

RAE. Rain Ended @ HHMM (RAE 1433) or as Min past hour (RAE 33) [METAR] RAPID. Rapid(ly)

What does SLP mean in Metar?

SLP stands for “Sea Level Pressure”.

What does p0000 mean in a Metar?

Pxxxx is precipitation in the past hour in tenths of an inch. P0000 indicates "trace" of precipitation.