How do I join an InterCall meeting?

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You can join any InterCall meeting to which you were invited from the MobileMeet™ home screen by tapping the "join meeting" button. On the next screen, if you have saved the moderator's meeting profile in your favorites, tap the one you wish to join.

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Also question is, how do you conference call with InterCall?

To start a call:

  1. At the specified time, dial your Reservationless-Plus dial-in number.
  2. Enter your conference code followed by #.
  3. Press * to identify yourself as the leader.
  4. Enter your leader PIN followed by #.
  5. Press 1 to begin your conference or press 2 to change your default conference options.

Also, what is Reservationless Plus? Reservationless-Plus is a reliable solution that does not require reservations or operators. You have the ability to control your conference commands with a touch of a button from your telephone keypad. You receive customizable features and you can select from English, Spanish or Portuguese for your system prompts.

People also ask, how do I join a conference call?

Call by phone

  1. During a meeting, tap anywhere to display meeting options and then tap the phone icon.
  2. Tap Call by phone.
  3. Select the number best for your location and dial it using your phone.
  4. When prompted, dial the conference ID followed by # (pound key or hashtag).

What is InterCall conferencing?

InterCall, a subsidiary of West Corporation, is the largest conference and collaborations service provider in the world, and a leading provider of global cloud-based unified communications services.

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How do you join a conference call on an Iphone?

To start a conference call:
  1. Place a call.
  2. From the in-call menu, tap Add Call. While you dial the second number, the first call will be placed on hold.
  3. Once you have the other person on the line, tap Merge Calls to connect everyone.
  4. Repeat steps two and three to add other people to the conference.

How do you mute an InterCall conference call?

Press #51 to mute all participants without the option to unmute, also known as lecture mode. #51 will turn lecture mode off. Unless the host has used *5 or #51 to mute participants, participants are able to mute/unmute themselves anytime by dialing *6/*6.

What is an international toll free number?

A Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN) is a worldwide toll-free "800 number" issued by the ITU. Like the 800 area code issued for the NANP in the U.S. and Canada and 0800 numbers in many other countries, the call is free for the caller, and the receiver pays the charges.

How do you use conference Now app?

How do I use Conference Now?
  1. Call the Conference Now service. 5-1111 – For those on Ednetics service.
  2. Enter the meeting number. This will be your five-digit extension followed by the pound (#) key.
  3. The conference host will be prompted to enter their PIN.
  4. Attendees should hit the pound key (#) to bypass the host prompt.

What is Rpvoip?

rpvoip.exe is an executable file that is part of the Reservationless-Plus VoIP program developed by InterCall. The software is usually about 3.8 MB in size. The .exe extension of a file name displays an executable file. In some cases, executable files can damage your computer.

Does join me cost money? pricing starts at $10.00 per month, per user. There is a free version of does offer a free trial. See additional pricing details for below.

How do I organize my free conference call?

Start Conferencing Today
  1. Get a Free Account. Create a account with an email and password.
  2. Host a Conference Call. The host connects to the conference call using the dial-in number, followed by the access code and host PIN.
  3. Participate in a Conference Call.
  4. Add Video Conferencing and Screen Sharing.

What is the best free conference call?

Here are Your 8 Best Free Conference Calling Services
  • Google Hangouts. Hangouts allows users free group chats and it can be used on any device with video or audio support.
  • GoToMeeting.
  • TokBox.
  • GroupMe.
  • Speek.
  • Uberconference.

Does free conference call cost money?

Yes, FreeConference really is free!
While we do offer paid plans with premium features, there is absolutely no requirement to purchase anything at all to host unlimited conference calls or online meetings.

How can I do conference call?

  1. Call one of the participants in the conference call. You can find them in your contact list, or simply use the keypad to dial the number.
  2. Call the next participant. Again, you can use your contact list, or just dial the number.
  3. Tap Merge Call. This will add the second participant to the call.

Do you need a Skype account to join a meeting?

The Skype for Business Web App allows guest users (non-UCSD staff) who don't have a full version of Skype for Business to participate in Skype for Business meetings. A scheduled meeting is required - guests cannot join without an invitation.

Is Go To Meeting free?

The GoToMeeting Free plan is a great way to get started with quick and easy online meetings. The free plan allows you and your coworkers or friends to collaborate with high-quality screen sharing, webcams, VoIP audio and chat messaging in one session – no download needed.

How many people can join a zoom meeting?

How many people can use one host license? All plans allow up to 100 participants by default in every meeting (up to 500 with Large Meeting add-on). You can host an unlimited number of meetings but if you would like to have more than one meeting concurrently, you will need additional host licenses.

How does Freeconferencecall make money?

The company makes its money by routing non-toll-free calls through lesser-used exchanges around the country for a small fee provided by the exchange provider. That's because most of us have national calling plans where the cost of the call is included.

What is Reservationless Plus VoIP?

Service FAQs. Install InterCall Reservationless-Plus VoIP Client. Provide participants the ability to join audio portions of their Webex Meetings using a VoIP softphone. VoIP participants and traditional phone participants are able to join the same meeting, interact and be managed online by the meeting host.