How do I find the DLL version?

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1 Toolsildasm.exe (where v8. 1A is the version of the Windows SDK installed). In File Explorer when you right click the dll file and select properties there is a "File Version" and "Product Version" there.

Keeping this in view, how do I know what DLL my assembly is?

You can use Reflector, ILDASM or ILSpy to get the assembly version. You usually can find ILDASM in C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft SDKsWindowsv8. 1AinNETFX 4.5.

Likewise, how can I tell if a DLL is 32 or 64 bit? Find Out if a Program (.exe file) is 32-bit or 64-bit
  1. Open Task Manager and select the Details tab.
  2. Right-click on the column header and click Select columns. The column header is the row that has the caption for each column, such as Name, PID, Status, etc.
  3. Enable the Platform checkbox and click OK.

Herein, how do I find the Publickeytoken of a DLL?

Find public key token value of an assembly file

  1. Open Visual Studio Command Prompt (Start > Visual Studio > Visual Studio Tools > Developer Command Prompt)
  2. Run the command below. It will display both public key token and public key. Make sure to replace C:TempOracle. DataAccess. dll with the full path of your DLL file.

What is runtime version of DLL?

Runtime is the version of the CLR (or . NET framework) the DLL needs (usually as a minimum), version is the DLL's version. So long as you have the minimum runtime installed, it should be usable. However as a general rule it is usually best to select the latest version of the library for the latest runtime support etc.

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What is the difference between Assembly version and file version?

Assembly Version : This is the version number used by framework during build and at runtime to locate, link and load the assemblies. If assemblies are not strong-named signed, only file names are used for loading. Assembly File Version : This is the version number given to file as in file system.

What is assembly versioning in C#?

Assembly versioning. Whenever a new . NET assembly is created in the . Net environment, a file named AssemblyInfo is created that contains attributes used to define the version of the assembly during compilation. All versioning of assemblies that use the common language runtime is done at the assembly level.

How do I change the file version in Visual Studio?

3 Answers
  1. Go to Solution Explorer.
  2. Right Click on your project.
  3. select properties.
  4. In the window that appears click Assembly Information.
  5. In the pop-up box you can edit assembly related details.
  6. Click 'ok' and your AssemblyInfo.cs file can be seen updated automatically. pop-up box where you can edit assembly related details.

What is a public key token?

The public key token is a 64-bit hash of the public key which corresponds to the private key used to sign the assembly. It's used to make an assembly name unique, so two strongly named assemblies can have the same filename, but . NET will treat them as different assemblies.

How do I get a strong assembly name?

Create and sign an assembly with a strong name by using Visual Studio
  1. In Solution Explorer, open the shortcut menu for the project, and then choose Properties.
  2. Choose the Signing tab.
  3. Select the Sign the assembly box.
  4. In the Choose a strong name key file box, choose Browse, and then navigate to the key file.

What is PublicKeyToken in web config?

The public key token is a 64-bit hash of the public key which. corresponds to the private key used to sign the assembly. It's used to. make an assembly name unique, so two strongly named assemblies can have.

How do I open Visual Studio command prompt?

Start the command prompt from inside Visual Studio
  1. Open Visual Studio.
  2. On the start window, choose Continue without code.
  3. On the menu bar, choose Tools > External Tools.
  4. On the External Tools dialog box, choose the Add button.
  5. Enter a Title for your new menu item such as Command Prompt .

Where is SN EXE?

It is named “sn.exe” so the full path is “C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft SDKsWindowsv10. 0AinNETFX 4.6.

How do I get PublicKeyToken of assembly in Visual Studio 2017?

Visual Studio Add-in to get an assembly PublicKeyToken
  1. In Visual Studio, select External Tools from the Tools menu.
  2. In the External Tools dialog, click Add and enter Get Assembly Public Key for the Title.
  3. Fill the Command textbox by browsing to sn.exe.
  4. In the Arguments textbox, type the following (case sensitive) -Tp "$(TargetPath)".
  5. Enable the Use Output window checkbox.

How do you find the public key token for a .NET DLL or assembly?

To determine the public key token
  1. Locate the sn.exe file. The location will depend on your operating system and the installed Microsoft . NET Framework SDK.
  2. At the command prompt, change to the directory that contains the sn.exe utility.
  3. Type the following command. Copy. sn.exe -T <assembly>
  4. Press Enter and note the public token key that is displayed.

What is SN EXE?

The Strong Name tool (Sn.exe) helps sign assemblies with strong names. Sn.exe provides options for key management, signature generation, and signature verification. The Strong Name tool is automatically installed with Visual Studio.

Does not represent a strongly named assembly SN EXE?

dll does not represent a strongly named assembly. Solution: You need to specify a strong name key file before you can use the command prompt "sn.exe". For this, go to Project Properties -> Signing and tick the 'Sign the assembly'. From the drop down select the ' ' option and create a new file.

What is SysWOW64 folder?

SysWOW64 is NOT a virus. It is a legitimate folder filled with system files and used to make the use of 32-bit programs on Windows 64-bit version possible. This process goes along with System32 Microsoft Windows directory which is responsible for managing 64-bit files.

What's the difference between x86 and x64?

Difference between x64 and x86. It usually refers to x86 for 32 bit OS and x64 for system with 64 bit. Technically x86 simply refers to a family of processors and the instruction set they all use. The 64 bit computers can run both 32bit programs and 64 bit programs.

Do I have Windows x86 or x64?

Click the "General" tab. If Windows lists "X64 Edition," it is a 64-bit version of Windows, if it does not list an edition, it is a X86 32-bit edition.

What does any CPU mean?

"Any CPU" means that when the program is started, the . NET Framework will figure out, based on the OS bitness, whether to run your program in 32 bits or 64 bits. There is a difference between x86 and Any CPU: on a x64 system, your executable compiled for X86 will run as a 32-bit executable.

How do you tell if a program is 64 bit or 32 bit Windows 10?

To check whether you're using a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows 10, open the Settings app by pressing Windows+I, and then head to System > About. On the right side, look for the “System type” entry.