How do I edit a title in Avid?

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If you park on the title, go into effect mode and click the square in the upper left corner of the effect editor. This will open up the title tool. Do the changes, close the title tool, it will update the title in the sequence. EDIT: Sorry just skimmed your post, cannot update in all sequences.

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Just so, how do I remove add edits in Avid?

go into trim mode and just hit the delete button. works on all video matchframed edits and all audio matchframed edits with no gain changes betwen the two segments. but if you need to do it across a ton of them then the menu command is the best.

Furthermore, how do I cut a clip in Avid? To enter Trim mode:

  1. In the Timeline, place the position indicator near the transition you want to trim.
  2. Click the Record Track buttons for all tracks that you want to trim.
  3. Do one of the following: Click the Trim Mode button in the Timeline palette. Click the Trim Mode button between the Source and Record monitors.

In respect to this, how do you do credits on Avid?

To create rolling credits in Avid Studio:

  1. Open a desired tile;
  2. Enter your text;
  3. On the top select the Motions editor;
  4. Now select the Emphasis option;
  5. The fourth option from the left is 00 - Roll Up (has a big upward pointing arrow on the icon). This will create credits rolling up.

How do you move clips around in Avid?

As the others have said there are many ways to move things around in avid. then alt-copy, or alt-lift, this will put your "sub-sequence" into the source window, beware if you now select a new source clip you can loose it. Drag the sub-sequence to a bin if you may need it again.

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How do I remove the razor tool in Premiere?

Re: Remove Razor Cut
Just Select that second sub-clip, and Delete it. Click on the Tail of the first sub-clips, and drag it to the point, where the Tail of the second sub-clip (the one that we Deleted) was.