How do I backup my UniFi cloud key?

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1. In the original Cloud Key's UniFi Network Controller go to Settings > Backup > Backup / Restore section (or in new settings: Settings > Controller Settings > Backup > Backup / Restore).

Also asked, how do I find my UniFi cloud key?

1. Access the Cloud Key Management WebUI, by typing your Cloud Key's IP in your browser. User Tip: Gen2 Cloud Keys will show their IP in the front panel screen. For gen1 Cloud Keys, find it in the Host column of the UniFi Cloud Access Portal:

Also Know, how do I export UniFi controller settings? How-to/Instructions
  1. Go to Settings > Site.
  2. Select the gray “Export Site” button in the bottom-right of the page. This will initiate the wizard.
  3. In the first step, click “Download Backup File” to download the file that contains the site configuration to be imported into the Controller you are migrating to.

Similarly, it is asked, where are cloud key backups stored?

On the Gen2 Cloud Keys autobackups are stored on both the eMMC ( HDD for UCK-G2-Plus ) and SD card if inserted.

  • /data/autobackup/ (SD card)
  • /usr/lib/unifi/data/backup/autobackup/ (eMMC/HDD)

How long does it take to restore UniFi cloud key?

Press and hold the reset button and then power on the Cloud Key by connecting it to the power source. Keep the reset button pressed for about 10 seconds, or until you see the recovery LED pattern in a loop (blue - off - white).

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How do I SSH into cloud key?

SSH to the Cloud Key. If you're on Windows then grab PuTTY to use as your SSH client or Mac/nix users can SSH directly from the terminal. Grab the IP for your Cloud Key and connect on port 22 using the username root and password ubnt .

How do I read an UNF file?

Solution: Use File Magic to Open Your UNF File
in the program or device for which it was developed), you might be able to open it with a universal software viewer. Depending on the exact file format, you could use a universal software viewer such as File Magic [download] to open your UNF file.

How do I transfer UniFi controller to another computer?

Move the Unifi Controller to different Computer. You can backup the current configuration and move it to a different computer. And restore the downloaded backup to another controller from settings tab > maintenance tab > restore backup.

Where is UniFi base?

base> in the data folder, is the file inside the UniFi server installation directory, which defines system-wide parameters for the UniFi Network Controller. Here are just a few notable examples of supported configuration changes for UniFi Network Controller made in the system.

How do I backup my UniFi video?

Locating the Recordings
  1. Click Settings in the lower left-hand corner.
  2. Click NVR Settings in the upper left-hand corner.
  3. Click the Configure tab (selected by default).
  4. The Recording Path is the value for UniFi Video Recording Backup Options “Recording Path”.

How do I uninstall UniFi controller?

  1. Open Apps & Features in Windows settings.
  2. Find Ubiquiti UniFi (remove only).
  3. Select Uninstall and follow the prompts.
  4. When this process completes the controller should be uninstalled.

How do I reset my Ubiquiti AP?

Physical Reset
  1. Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds while AP is connected.
  2. Release the button (the LEDs on the UAP will stop glowing).
  3. Do not disconnect the UAP from its power source during the reboot process.
  4. The UAP will restore factory settings.

What is cloud key for?

Easily accessible through any standard web browser, the UniFi Cloud Key is a powerful solution for managing your UniFi networks across the campus or across the globe. Designed for convenient management, the UniFi Controller software allows admins to configure and monitor UniFi devices using a graphical user interface.

What is the purpose of Ubiquiti cloud key?

The UniFi Cloud Key from Ubiquiti Networks combines local network security with convenient remote access. The UniFi Cloud Key is fully capable of configuring and managing dozens of UniFi devices, and serves as an ultra-low energy solution, replacing a dedicated server or computer.

How do I know my UniFi username and password?

Your username is your email address you use to register unifi service. If you happen to forget your username or password, click on the 'Forgot Email' or 'Forgot Password' respectively in the Self-Care page. 'Forgot Password' - Enter your Email address (We will send the password to your email address.)

How do I add a cloud key to my existing network?

Option 1: head to with Chrome Browser and Log-In to the UniFi Cloud. Install the Browser Ad-In and activate the “Discover Cloud Key” Option on top and the device should be found. From here you can upgrade the Firmware and adopt the Cloud Key.

What is the default username and password for Ubiquiti UniFi?

The default username is ubnt and the default password is ubnt.

What is Ubiquiti cloud access?

Users that have installed the UniFi Network Controller software, have created a Ubiquiti account and are connected to the internet, have the option to use remote access via the Cloud Access Portal to access and manage multiple installations at one time even when they are not physically connected to any of those

How do I find my Ubiquiti IP address?

1.20 from the factory unless that ip address is taken on your network.
  1. Step 1: Download Ubiquiti locator. You can download the ubiquiti locator program here.
  2. Step 2: Run the program. Once you have unzipped the file contents, click on the program file as outline in the picture below.
  3. Step 3: Locate the IP address.

What is a UniFi cloud controller?

Introduction. UniFi Cloud Controller is an alternative method for hosting your UniFi Network controller software. Note this is a separate product/feature from UniFi Cloud Access which is a free feature that allows any UniFi network to be hosted locally and managed via the internet.

What is a .UNF file?

What is a UNF file? Game ROM created from Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) or Famicom video games; opened and played on a computer using the Nestopia emulator. The UNF ROM file is saved in the Universal NES Image Format (UNIF) as an alternative for storing NES and Famicom images.

What is UniFi inform URL?

UniFi APs have a default inform URL http://unifi:8080/inform. Thus, the purpose of using DHCP option 43 or DNS is to allow the AP to know the IP of the Controller.