How do I add a CTO fee in DTS?

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When manually entering a CTO fee in DTS, enter the expense on the Other Transportation screen in the Travel module. DO NOT put the expense on the Non-Mileage screen located in the Expenses module. Select the Type drop-down arrow and choose either CTO Fee (Indiv Bill) or CTO Fee (Central Bill) (Figure 1).

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People also ask, how much is the Sato fee?

The SATO fee currently is $15 per ticket, not to exceed $50 for tickets for a family, Kraus said. If a family of five purchases airline tickets, the processing fee still is only $50.

Beside above, what is TMC fee in DTS? As you're probably aware, your Travel Management Company (TMC)* charges your travelers a fee for securing their travel reservations. As a rule of thumb, DTS automatically records TMC fees on the voucher along with the cost of the traveler's ticketed transportation.

Considering this, what does CTO submit mean in DTS?

Authorizations “Stuck” at CTO SUBMIT (For DTAs) The CTO SUBMIT status indicates that DTS submitted the traveler's reservation requests to the Travel Management Company (which DTS sometimes calls “CTOs”) for booking.

How do I attach receipts in DTS?

Upload receipts in to Substantiating Records. Select the Browse button, locate/select the receipts saved to the computer, then choose the Upload button.

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What is the CTO fee?

As you're probably aware, your Commercial Travel Office (CTO) charges your travelers a fee for securing their travel reservations. As a rule of thumb, CTO fees are automatically entered into DTS with the ticket cost. But, every so often, the automatic entry doesn't happen.

What is VCH in DTS?

VCH Stands For : Travel VouCHer claim.

What does travel mode mismatch mean in DTS?

Stage whisper: To satisfy the curiosity raised earlier in the article… “TRAVEL MODE MISMATCHMODE NOT AUTHORIZED: CF” means the traveler manually added a TMC fee to the voucher that was not on their authorization.

What is CTO army?

CTO. Combined Test Organization (US Army)

How long does it take to receive travel pay from DTS?

This means DTS has transmitted the voucher amount to the pay system and the payment should show up in your account in about 2-5 days (between 08/03/12 and 08/06/12) depending on weekends and such. Make sure your bank info is correct in DTS otherwise it will be an issue getting that money to you quickly.

How do I check my DTS status?

Check document status by logging in to DTS. Go to "Official Travel" vouchers or authorization, and then look in the "Sort by Status" column. Or, go to the digital signature page within the document. If you can't access to DTS, contact your Defense Travel Administrator (DTA) to check the status of your document.

How do I check my DTS travel pay?

Login and select "Travel Voucher Advice of Payment" from your main menu. Call 1-888-332-7366 (DSN 699-0300) the self-service telephone line to find out if your voucher has been paid. The self-service line is for travelers not using the Defense Travel System (DTS).

Can you access DTS from home?

Navigate to the DTS Homepage ( Select the "Settings and More" button in the upper right corner of the browser Select "Open with Internet Explorer". Edge will launch Internet Explorer and display DTS.

What does CTO Cancelled mean in DTS?

Commercial Travel Office

Can DTS be used for personal travel?

The government travel card is to be used to pay all travel related expenses. DTS is designed to automatically reimburse the GOVCC for all expenses related to airfare, lodging, and rental car. If you use a personal card, adjust your voucher to have the funds deposited in your bank account.

How do I pay back DTS?

DTS users who received a debt notification email can now make payments online using a personal credit card, debit card, or bank account, through the website. To make a payment, go to, select the DTS Debt Payment form, and enter the information found on the DTS debt letter and method of payment.

What does POS ACK received mean in DTS?

DTS routes the transaction via the Global Exchange Services (GEX) to the appropriate financial accounting system. The document is stamped POS ACK RECEIVED to serve as acknowledgement that an obligation has been posted in the accounting system. Advances and Scheduled Partial Payments (SPPs) are scheduled for payment.

What is a DTS account?

The Defense Travel System (DTS) is a fully integrated, automated, end-to-end travel management system that enables DoD travelers to create authorizations (TDY travel orders), prepare reservations, receive approvals, generate travel vouchers, and receive a split reimbursement between their bank accounts and the

How can I contact TMC?

  1. CORPORATE OFFICES. 713-791-8800. [email protected]
  2. POLICE & SECURITY. 713-795-0000. [email protected]
  3. NEWS EDITORIAL. 713-791-8812. [email protected]
  4. HUMAN RESOURCES. 713-791-6406.
  5. ADVERTISING. 713-791-8829. [email protected]
  6. MEDIA INQUIRIES. 713-791-8803. [email protected]
  7. PARKING HELPLINE. 713-791-6161. [email protected]

What does TMC assistance requested?

When you request TMC assistance, you have no idea what reservations you're getting until the TMC emails you after your reservations are locked in. But when you select your own reservations, you know your airline, rental car vendor, hotel vendor (and address), and reservation details up-front.

What is a TMC fee in concur?

Transaction Fees Charged by the Travel Management Center (TMC) $13.50 Transportation tickets. There is no additional fee when reservations for rental car and/or hotel is made at the same time as the transportation.

What does CF mean in DTS?

Sig on Twitter: ""MODE NOT ON APPROVED AUTHORIZATION: CF" This means you incurred an unplanned fee when you had to call the hotline to change your flight. This is clear and obvious, like everything in #DTS."