How big is a C&C grid?

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ccc. That is the most common size. Each cube is just a little over one foot. You could get a 2x4 C&C, big enough for two pigs, on your table.

Similarly, it is asked, how big is a C&C grid?

Generally Accepted Cage Size Standards

Guinea pig Cage Size Standards
7.5 ft² 2x3 grids 27" x 41"
10.5 ft² 2x4 grids 27" x 56"
13 ft² 2x5 grids 27" x 71"

Also Know, how big does a C&C cage have to be for 2 guinea pigs? One guinea pig: 7.5 square feet cage (minimum), but more is better; generally 30" x 36" is a good size. Two guinea pigs: 7.5 square feet (minimum), but 10.5 square feet is preferred; generally 30" x 50" is a good size.

People also ask, how big is a 2x3 C&C cage?

Interior: 27" x 41" = about 7.5 Square Feet of cage space. Exterior: 30" x 44" when assembled = you will need a table space of about 2.5 feet by 3.75 feet to accommodate this cage.

What is a C&C cage?

C&C stands for Cubes (which is the grid surround) and Coroplast (which is the plastic base)

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Can you have just one guinea pig?

Yes, It is ok to have one guinea pig. In fact, males are solitary in the wild, while females enjoy being in the company. If you have enough time to dedicate to your guinea pig, interact and play with them then it is completely fine to own a boar. Else you should go for a pair or more of Sows.

Can guinea pigs live alone?

Guinea pigs living indoors can see humans as important companions. If your guinea pig has to be kept alone you must provide companionship by interacting with them daily. Guinea pigs are naturally sociable preferring other guinea pig company; kept together form a 'pecking order'.

What are C & C cages made out of?

Our cages are made from components called “cube and coroplast” or C&C cages. The grids are made from storage cube components and the coroplast is made of lightweight corrugated plastic .

Do guinea pigs stink?

Guinea pigs are fastidiously clean creatures that love to groom themselves and stay tidy, but if pet waste builds up inside the cage, it's going to smell -- and get in his fur. Scrub out the cage once a week. Even with daily scooping, smells can build up in the cage, and you have to clean it thoroughly.

How much does AC and C cage cost?

Re: How much do C&C cages usually cost???
There is really no set price. It depends on where you live. If you buy grids at Target, they are usually $14.99. The coroplast should not be more than $15 or so.

How do you potty train a guinea pig?

To potty train a guinea pig, start by monitoring it to see which corner of its cage it likes to go to the bathroom in the most. Then, take some of the bedding that your guinea pig has gone to the bathroom on and put it in a litter box in that corner, which will encourage your guinea pig to relieve itself there.

How do you introduce a guinea pig?

Introduce your guinea pigs in a neutral territory – somewhere neither have been before. Choose a quiet, enclosed and large space where both will feel safe. Block out any distractions such as loud TVs, children or other pets. Start by having one person hold each guinea pig and hold them up to one another.

Do guinea pig cages need a top?

Firstly, guinea pigs can't jump. This means that unlike other small animals such as rabbits, rats, or gerbils – you don't “technically” need to have a top on the cage. In fact, there's several good cages out there which don't have a top at all, or at least, the top is an optional extra.

What is AC and C cage?

Cage Alternative: Cubes and Coroplast (C&C)
Though pet stores do sell large-sized cages, these will usually be the absolute minimum size for your guinea pig, if not too small. The solution: cubes and coroplast, otherwise known as a C&C cage.

Can guinea pigs have multi level cages?

Levels. Some guinea pig cages are multi-level, with a wide ramp connecting each of the levels to each other. Some guinea pigs are less agile than others, however, so you'll need to make sure that your guinea pig isn't one that will fall from a level that's too high and hurt himself.

How much coroplast do I need for a 2x3 cage?

Coroplast Base Includes
4mm Coroplast bottom in your choice of 15 colors! The base is cut and scored so you only have to secure the flaps. indented "crush" line, but it does not affect the function of the cage.

Can guinea pigs get out of C and C cages?

Re: C&C cage with open top - will piggie escape? No, most pigs are fine in open tops. There are the occaisional ones who do climb, and would require a top. Any un-fixed males next to females need a lid or partial lid on their cage as they have been known to climb the divider.

What do guinea pigs need in their cage?

What you'll need:
  • Solid-bottom cage (minimum 24 x 12 x 12 inches)
  • Water bottle.
  • Food bowl.
  • Hay rack.
  • A hide house (store-bought, or use a small flower pot)
  • Chew toys.
  • Aspen, pine, or recycled paper bedding (but NOT cedar – it's toxic for your pet!)
  • Timothy hay, orchard grass, or oat grass.

Do guinea pigs like to climb ramps?

A spacious cage and room to run around
Contrary to popular opinion, guinea pigs can climb and jump. They may not be as clever as hamsters or rats, but they are very active. They like to climb up ramps and steps and find themselves a place to sit high up in order to observe their surroundings.

How much is a guinea pig?

Guinea pigs are pretty cheap to buy, costing anywhere from $10 to $40, with the average price of a guinea pig being around $25. However, they also have setup and ongoing costs. Expect to fork out $200 to begin with, and then up to another $40 a month for a pair of piggies.

How much is a guinea pig cage?

It is a good size for one pig. If looking to get more than one guinea pig, will definitely need a bigger cage. In Stock. Available to ship in 1-2 days.

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Do guinea pigs need baths?

Guinea pigs clean themselves, so baths are rare. Certain ailments make a bath necessary; otherwise you might bathe a guinea pig if its long coat is particularly soiled or if you're showing the pet for conformation. Bathing a rodent can pose health risks.