Does Wallypark have AAA discount?

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AAA Discount - LA Area - WallyPark & SuperShuttle/ExecuCar. * Save 15 percent on the standard daily self-park or valet park at LAX, or save 50% on the annual WallyClub membership fee. To join WallyClub, call 800-PK-WALLY (800-759-2559) or visit & enter discount code AAAWP.

Herein, does WallyPark give AAA discount?

Enter promo code to receive a 15% discount and 20% in SEA. You will need to still show your AAA card to the cashier upon checkout to validate your AAA membership. AAA discount does not apply at LAX Express, uncovered (rooftop) self-park at LAX Garage or valet parking at MKE.

Beside above, what is Wally parking? Streamline airport parking with WallyPark! We're available at 13 locations in 10 U.S. cities, where friendly service, luggage assistance and ongoing shuttles make your travel easier. Reserve online at or use our free mobile app to guarantee your space at our lowest rates.

Also Know, does WallyPark offer military discount? Active duty military get a 15% military discount on airport parking.

Does WallyPark Denver have covered parking?

WallyPark Airport Parking is one of the closest parking lots at Denver Airport, which means quick shuttle service to and from the terminals. We offer uncovered self-parking and valet parking at our DIA Airport location.

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Where does Wally Park pick up at O Hare?

There isn't anything too special about WallyPark other than the service you will receive. This long term parking lot is located in Schiller Park, Illinois nearby O'Hare International Airport. No matter which WallyPark location you visit, there will always be safe and secure lots.

Where do you park at SeaTac?

Parking at SeaTac
  • WallyPark Seattle Airport Parking offers both covered and uncovered parking.
  • Park n Jet Airport Parking is located one mile northwest of Sea-Tac.
  • Jiffy Airport Parking has a free airport shuttle and a Jiffy Rewards program for travelers.
  • Aeroparking is located 1.2 miles from Sea-Tac.

Where is the best place to park dia?

Here are our picks for the best parking lots at D.I.A.:
  • Denver Airport Parking. Closest parking garages to Denver International Airport.
  • ParkDIA. ParkDIA's expansive lot.
  • WallyPark Airport Parking. WallyPark shuttle.
  • Canopy Airport Parking. Indoor valet service at Canopy.
  • On Air Parking.

What is economy parking at an airport?

Economy Parking is the most economic option for long-term parking. with a daily flat rate of $11.00.

How much does it cost to park your car at the Denver airport?

Parking at the Denver airport costs from $3 for an hour in the East or West Garage to $33 per day for valet parking. See below for a full set of short and long-term parking prices and options at Denver Airport. Please note that these parking rates are subject to change by the airport at any time.

Where is economy parking at DIA?

Economy East. The East Economy Lot (and West Economy Lot) is located just beyond Garage East parking on the east side of Jeppesen Terminal. This lot is a popular choice for travelers who want to park within walking distance to the terminal, but wish to pay a more economical price.

How much is economy parking at DIA?

Economy parking will cost $5 per hour or $17 per day, an increase of $1 for each rate. Starting on the fourth day, the daily rate still will drop to $15. Prepaid parking at 61st and Peña will cost $3 per 12 hours (up $1) or $6 per 24 hours (up $2).

Is there free parking at Denver International Airport?

Parking options include: Economy parking (surface lots adjacent to the parking garages, within walking distance or take a free shuttle) Shuttle lot parking, the most economical choice, located on-site, with free shuttle service every 10 minutes.

How do I get short term parking at DIA?

Short Term East provides quick, convenient access to Jeppesen Terminal. It is located on the arrivals level (level 4) in Garage East. This covered parking location is ideal if you are meeting and greeting your relatives or friends, or dropping off an elderly parent or young child. Overnight parking is not allowed.

Does Denver Airport have charging stations?

Personal Device Charging Stations
There are many easily-accessible electrical outlets located throughout Jeppesen Terminal and all three concourses. DEN also has dedicated battery charging stations that offer seating and work surface spaces.