Does Southwest fly to keys?

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Southwest Airlines Launches Service To Key West International Airport. With this nonstop service, Key West Customers will have access to Southwest's extensive network with additional connecting service to more than 75 destinations nationwide.

Regarding this, does Southwest fly to Key West?

US Airways, Southwest, Silver Airways, Delta, and American Eagle Airlines operate regular services to Key West International Airport, usually through Atlanta, Miami, or other Florida airports, with seasonal routes from other cities, so keep your eye out for cheap flights to Key West from these airlines!

Beside above, what is the closest airport to Key West that Southwest flies? CLOSEST AIRPORTS TO Key West EYW Airport
Havana Jose Marti HAV Havana (115 miles)
Southwest Florida RSW Fort Myers FL (136 miles)
Fort Lauderdale Hollywood FLL Fort Lauderdale FL (145 miles)
Palm Beach PBI West Palm Beach FL (180 miles)
Sarasota Bradenton SRQ Sarasota FL (202 miles)

Additionally, what airports fly direct to Key West?

In addition to the Philadelphia and Chicago direct flights, Key West International Airport provides direct service to Charlotte, Newark, Washington, D.C., Dallas, Atlanta, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Tampa.

What is the best airport to fly into for Key West?


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Why did Southwest stop flying to Key West?

What probably is the case is that Southwest has had a rather static inventory of aircraft when compared to the new markets they've entered and want to expand service to. Essentially, they could make more money with the aircraft they have in markets other than Key West.

Do any airlines fly direct to Key West?

You can take a cheap flight directly to Key West and land in Key West International Airport. While some flights to Key West might be routed through nearby Miami International, Delta, US Airways, and Continental are among the airlines that use Key West International.


One of the top three safe places in Key West is one of the first areas you will come to as you cross the Overseas Highway, or Highway 1, on the west side of the highway. The Key West Country Club and some residential areas are statistically the safest areas on the Key.

Is it worth visiting the Florida Keys?

The Florida keys is highly overrated unless you go to fish or dive only, everything is expensive and a lot of businesses just a tourist trap. If you go to keys to enjoy beach, there are no sandy beaches in keys, just coral reefs. Florida has a lot of other places/beaches that are worth your time and money.

What are the best days to fly?

In a nutshell: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the best days to fly domestically. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday are the days with the highest cost and lowest number of award seats.

Can you drive from Miami to Key West?

Key West is the southernmost city in the United States, only 90 miles from Cuba. The drive from Miami to Key West takes about four hours on the scenic coastal Overseas Highway—and there's SO much to do during the 110-mile trip. If you don't already live in the area, you'll need to book your flight to Miami.

Which airlines fly directly to Key West?

Direct from United States
Delta flights United flights
American Airlines flights Silver Airways flights

What is the cheapest way to get to Key West?

  1. By Air. Flying directly to Key West is not the cheapest option but it's certainly an option.
  2. By Bus or Shuttle. There are three shuttle and bus companies that will take you to the Florida Keys and Key West from Miami or Ft.
  3. By Car. If you have a car and plenty of time, I would highly recommend driving.
  4. By Sea.

Where do you fly to get to Key West?

The closest airport to Key West is Key West International, airport code EYW. It is located directly on the island.

What is the best island in the Keys?

As far as night life goes, the big draw is again Holiday Isle. There are other bars, but Holiday Isle is the best of them in Islamorada. Marathon has Sombrero beach, one of the better beaches in the keys. Bahia Honda State Park is not far away, and is also one of the best in the keys.

What is the best area to stay in Key West?

Best area to stay in Key West. If you want to be in the heart of things, the best area to stay in Key West is the downtown area. Here, you'll be within easy walking distance of Duval Street, giving you plenty of options for drinking and dining, as well as some excellent shopping.

Does jetBlue fly to Key West?

Snapshot from the jetBlue website showing Key West is now an option. Great news for flying in and out of Key West. One of the leading discount airlines, jetBlue, has begun a “code share” with Silver Airways, a Florida-based airline with daily flights within the state and to the Bahamas.

How much does it cost to go to Key West?

You should plan to spend around $170 per day on your vacation in Key West, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. Past travelers have spent, on average, $38 on meals for one day and $41 on local transportation. Also, the average hotel price in Key West for a couple is $211.

How far is the drive from Fort Lauderdale to Key West?

Fort Lauderdale to Key West road trip
Drive for about 38 minutes, then stop in Miami and stay for about 1.5 hours. Next, drive for another 1.5 hours then stop in Key Largo and stay for 1 hour. Drive for 1 hour then stop in Marathon and stay for 1 hour.

Are there any direct flights from Boston to Key West?

Florida Keys
American Airlines will start offering nonstop flights between Key West and Boston in February, the airline announced Friday. The 76-passenger Emraer E175 jets will fly between the Key West International Airport and Boston Logan International Airport between Feb. 15 and May 2, 2020.