Does Logitech make Astro?

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Computer accessory company Logitech announced today that it's acquiring Astro Gaming, a popular console gaming headset maker, for $85 million in cash. For now, it sounds like Logitech G will stay focused on PC peripherals, while Astro will remain a console-first brand.

In this regard, when did Logitech buy Astro?

Logitech first announced its agreement to acquire ASTRO in July 2017, as the Company invests in an adjacent gaming market — the console gaming market.

Subsequently, question is, is Astro a good brand? Taken on its own, the Astro A10 is a fantastic gaming headset value. For $60, you get great sound, a durable design, a solid microphone and a mostly cozy set of cans. However, Astro's wallet-friendly headset can get a little too tight, and it has some serious competition in the sub-$60 price range.

Regarding this, who bought Astro?


Who is Logitech owned by?

About Logitech Brands of Logitech include Logitech , Ultimate Ears, Jaybird, Logitech G and ASTRO Gaming. Founded in 1981, and headquartered in Lausanne , Switzerland , Logitech International is a Swiss public company listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange (LOGN) and on the Nasdaq Global Select Market (LOGI).

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Are Astro headsets worth it?

Verdict. We heartily recommend the Astro A50 to any gamer who wants a powerful, versatile headset. It offers excellent sound fidelity and mixing, and being able to use it on a PC, Mac, Xbox 360 or PS3 makes it worth the money.

Does Logitech own blue?

Logitech is making a big purchase to secure a foothold in high-end audio recording. Tonight, the company announced that it's acquiring Blue Microphones for $117 million. Aside from Logitech and Logitech G, the company also owns Astro Gaming, Jaybird, and Ultimate Ears.

Is Astro coming out with a new headset?

Astro Gaming has announced its latest revision to its flagship A50 wireless headset at E3 2019. The 4th generation release of the A50 is set to go on sale this summer, and will have versions for Xbox/PC and PS4/PC.

Where are Astro headsets made?

A spin-off organisation, Astro Gaming manufactures gaming headsets. In 2008, the Astro Gaming A40 Audio System became the official licensed headset of Major League Gaming.

Astro Studios.
Type Private
Founded 1994
Headquarters San Francisco, California , United States

Does Logitech own jaybird?

Jaybird is a Utah-based consumer electronics company that is owned by Logitech. The company designs and manufactures headphones and wearable activity trackers. The company is mainly known for its line of wireless Bluetooth sports headsets. Jaybird was founded in 2006 by Australian entrepreneur Judd Armstrong.

Who makes Skullcandy?

Skullcandy Inc. is an American company based in Park City, Utah that markets headphones, earphones, hands free devices, audio backpacks, MP3 players, and other products.

Type Private
Industry Audio
Founded 2003
Founder Rick Alden
Headquarters Park City, Utah

Are a50s better than a40s?

To be honest with the a40's and a50's the only difference is one is wired and one is wireless, the wireless being a50. The a40 is just as good, only difference is it is wired and some people prefer wired plus it is at a cheaper price than the a50's with the same great audio quality.

What does Astro?

astro- a combining form with the meaning “pertaining to stars or celestial bodies, or to activities, as spaceflight, taking place outside the earth's atmosphere,” used in the formation of compound words: astronautics; astrophotography.

Do Astro a10 have surround sound?

Q: Does the new A10 Headset provide surround sound? A: The A10 Headset is a 3.5mm stereo headset, which means it only delivers audio (via a left and right channel); when connected to any device capable of processing and sending a surround sound signal will the A10 deliver Surround Sound.

When did the Astro a40s come out?

Product information
Release date October 8, 2015
Customer Reviews 4.1 out of 5 stars 894 ratings 4.1 out of 5 stars
Best Sellers Rank #3,664 in Video Games (See Top 100 in Video Games) #196 in PC Game Headsets #541 in PlayStation 4 Accessories

How long does Astro Gaming take to ship?

Standard Shipping - 4 to 7 business days for standard ground delivery. Express Shipping - 2 to 3 business days from when your order is shipped from our warehouse. Excludes weekends or holidays.

What are the best Astros headset?

Top 10 Best Astro Headset 2020 Review
# Product
1 ASTRO Gaming A38 Wireless Headset, White
2 ASTRO Gaming A40 TR Headset + MixAmp Pro TR for PlayStation 4 (2017 Model)
3 ASTRO Gaming A10 Gaming Headset - Black/Red - PC
4 ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Dolby Gaming Headset for PlayStation 4 & PC - Black/Blue (2017 Model)

What is better HyperX or Astro?

Astro A40 TR is a customization win
While the HyperX CloudX has noticeably better audio quality, the Astro A40 TR comes with many extra features that might be of particular value to you.

Is Astro better than Turtle Beach?

But Turtle Beaches and Astros, are very good quality headsets for what they're worth. Turtle Beaches are affordable quality. While Astros are more of a professional level, hints why they are more expensive.

Is Astro or SteelSeries better?

Perhaps the biggest difference between these headsets lies in the high-end. While the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless offers quite a natural sound, the Astro A50 pushes the high end a little. If you're looking for a super natural sound, then the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless is a slightly better-sounding headset.