Does Bojangles have a breakfast platter?

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The made-to-order Bojangles' Bo-Tato Breakfast Bowl excellence stacks up this way: 6 crispy Bojangles' Bo-Tato Rounds. A Fluffy Folded Egg. Savory Sausage Gravy.

Similarly, does Bojangles have a breakfast menu?

From biscuit sandwiches filled with mouthwatering items like spicy chicken filets, seasoned sausage or steak, country ham, eggs and cheese, to sweet biscuits like our Cinnamon Pecan Twists and Bo-Berry Biscuits, no one does breakfast like Bojangles'. That's why Bojangles' serves breakfast all day, every day.

Additionally, does Bojangles have fries for breakfast? Skin-on potato goodness. Fries at breakfast.

Also know, what breakfast specials does Bojangles have?

A Two Buck Breakfast is Available All Day Every Day at Bojangles'®, Including for a Limited Time the All-New Pork Chop Griller Biscuit for $1.99

  • Smoked Sausage Biscuit.
  • Cheddar Bo Biscuit. ®
  • Bacon Biscuit.
  • Sausage Biscuit.
  • Gravy Biscuit.
  • Egg Biscuit.
  • Bo-Berry Biscuit. ®
  • Cinnamon Biscuit.

How much is Bojangles breakfast?

Find out the cost of items on the Bojangles' menu.

Food Item Price
Sausage Biscuit $1.59, Combo $3.49
Gravy Biscuit $1.89, Combo $3.79
Egg and Cheese Biscuit $1.89, Combo $3.69
Breakfast Fixins

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Is Bojangles breakfast good?

The chain's breakfast menu is a strong one, and it rests primarily on the strength of Bojangles' biscuit. It's one of the best biscuits in the industry, bar none, and that helps bring the standard breakfast sandwiches — even the mediocre ones — to the next level.

Does Bojangles have breakfast bowls?

The Bo-Tato Breakfast Bowl is Back at Bojangles' Bojangles' Bo-Tato Breakfast Bowl is back for a limited time at participating locations. The bowl consists of six Bo-Tato Rounds, a folded egg, sausage gravy, and bacon and sausage crumbles, topped with a shredded blend of Monterey Jack and cheddar cheeses.

Does Bojangles have $5 boxes?

Bojangles' Offers $5 Meal Combos, $2 Biscuit for Limited Time. For a limited time at participating locations, Bojangles' is offering consumers a choice of five hearty meal combos for just $5 each, while supplies last at participating locations.

What do Mcdonalds do for breakfast?

THERE'S plenty on the McDonald's breakfast menu to kick-start your day.
  • Breakfast wrap - with egg, bacon, cheese, sausage and a hash brown.
  • Sausage, egg and cheese bagel.
  • Sausage and egg McMuffin.
  • Bacon and egg McMuffin.
  • Double sausage and egg McMuffin.
  • Double bacon and egg McMuffin.
  • Egg and cheese McMuffin.
  • Pancakes and syrup.

What is the special at Bojangles?

Popular Bojangles Coupons
Discount Description Expires
Sale It's Back and Now 2 for $5 BojAngler 04/15/2020
Sale Sign Up Now for a Free Breakfast Biscuit of Your Choice with Any Purchase ---
Sale Shop Sandwiches ---
Sale Free Sausage, Steak, Country Ham or Cajun Filet Biscuit at Bojangles on your birthday ---

What is in the Bojangles Breakfast Bowl?

The Bo-Tato Breakfast Bowl features a fluffy, folded egg, savory sausage gravy, bacon and sausage crumbles, all topped with a blend of natural Monterey Jack and cheddar cheeses. The bowl is served with a signature Bojangles' made-from-scratch buttermilk.

Who serves chicken biscuits for breakfast?

The only other major chain to serve a chicken biscuit for breakfast is Chick-fil-A, so it looks like Wendy's new chicken biscuit is meant to compete directly with the Southern chicken chain's offering.

Does Bojangles have a senior discount?

Access senior discount policies not only at but other popular fast food stores with Knoji's senior discounts reviews. Get senior discounts at top restaurants. As of Saturday, March 7, there are 62 restaurants offering senior discounts.

How much is the 8 piece tailgate special at Bojangles?

Bojangles' Prices
Food Price
Mac 'n Cheese $3.89
Family Meals
8 Pc. Tailgate Special (8 Pc. Chicken, 4 Biscuits, 2 Picnic Fixin's, and 1/2 Gallon Iced Tea) $19.99
12 Pc. Super Tailgate (12 Pc. Chicken, 6 Biscuits, 3 Picnic Fixin's, 1/2 Gallon Iced Tea) $26.99

How do you get free food from Bojangles?

You can get a FREE Bojangles sausage, steak, country ham or cajun filet biscuit when you join their E-Club! The coupon is printable and good for one week after you sign up. You also get a free biscuit on your birthday and a free bo-berry biscuit for every friend you refer to the e-club!

What time does Bojangles start selling lunch?

Bojangles Lunch Hours
Some of them Serve Lunch from 10 AM and Some from 10:30 AM and stops serving by 2:30 PM.

Does Bojangles have online ordering?

Bojangles Delivery Near You | Order Online | Full Menu | Grubhub.

What are Chicken Supremes at Bojangles?

This savory creation features three of our perfectly-seasoned, whole-breast select tenderloin Chicken Supremes, a zesty sweet sauce with distinct notes of brown sugar, cayenne hot sauce and a hint of molasses, two strips of crispy hardwood-smoked bacon and four dill pickle chips, all between a toasted, buttered bun.

Does Bojangles have a buffet?

That's why Bojangles' serves breakfast all day, every day. Try the buffet! They offer the best buffet for a chicken place.

Does Bojangles have regular chicken?

Bojangles' Has an Item for You. Bojangles' has added a milder, Southern-flavored, 100 percent white meat boneless chicken product to its menu called Homestyle Tenders. The new tenderloin filets have a one-of-a-kind flavor for fans looking for a milder option at Bojangles'.

Can you order ahead at Bojangles?

For any event, large or small, we can accommodate all your needs. Just give your local Bojangles' a call before your next event and we will have your bulk order hot, freshly prepared and ready to go when you pick it up.