Does boards and beyond cover Pathoma?

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The Boards & Beyond video series is similar to Pathoma, but it covers all of the topics in First Aid, so I would follow in First Aid when I watched the videos.

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Simply so, is boards and Beyond Good for Step 1?

"Discovering Boards and Beyond was the best thing that could have happened in my Step 1 preparation. I used it as a major resource, alongside First Aid and UWorld. It is the fastest way to cover all the information, especially at high speed.

One may also ask, how many total hours is boards and beyond? Boards and Beyond contains over 400 videos with more than 120 hours of teaching.

Likewise, what does Pathoma cover?

Pathoma is a website devoted to covering the in-depth pathology text of Dr. Husain Sattar. Then, it's important to carefully read through the texts and watch the available videos in tandem with your other study activities.

How can I watch boards and beyond?

How to use Boards & Beyond

  1. Go Slow. Especially if this is your first time watching a Boards and Beyond video, go slow.
  2. Take Notes. The best way to learn from a Boards and Beyond video is to take notes while you watch.
  3. Review and Take the Quizzes.
  4. Start Basic.
  5. Move Ahead.
  6. Make Custom Quizzes.
  7. Move On.

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Can you watch boards and beyond offline?

Yes. IOS and Android devices are supported. You can access the site from Safari in your iPhone, iPad, or iPad mini. Please note: the multispeed playback option is not available on the iPhone.

What's a good step 1 score?

What Is a Good Step 1 Score? The definition of a good Step 1 score varies by medical specialty. In orthopedic surgery, applicants successfully match with an average Step 1 score of 248. In family medicine, a good Step 1 score is around 220 (again, based on the average of successful applicants).

How many hours is Pathoma?

Full access to 35 hours of online videos by Dr. Sattar.

How do I study for medical boards?

Follow these steps and you'll likely pass – and with a higher score!
  1. Understand the Structure of the Exam.
  2. Know What to Expect on Exam Day.
  3. Plan Out a Study Strategy.
  4. Find a Study Guide.
  5. Practice & Re-Practice.
  6. Identify & Attack Weak Areas.
  7. Treat Your Body Right.
  8. During the Exam.

How do I approach the Nbme questions?

How I read NBME/USMLE questions
  1. Top to bottom. I generally read through the question from top to bottom.
  2. Frequently ignore the hard data.
  3. Don't Try not to agonize.
  4. Don't Try not to change answers.
  5. Be flexible.

Is Pathoma necessary for Step 1?

Pathoma isn't absolutely necessary. I didn't use Pathoma except for the first few chapters and I'm fairly certain that I did great in pathology questions. During my preclinical I did a full run of Robbins so I was very strong in pathology, so it all depends on person. It's still an amazing resource though.

How many hours is Goljan?

How long is Goljan Audio and where do I get it from? ~37 hours at 1x speed. Do some googling it is easily found; It's basically audio recording from a board review lecture series done many years ago.

Is Goljan still relevant?

Goljan is definitely worth it, however you will need Pathoma still. Give Goljan a once through, but take notes. His stuff on blood disorders is clutch and you will never get one of those problems wrong again.

Is Pathoma free?

If you're already convinced, register for the Pro account and get access to all the videos (Fundamentals text will ship within 36 hours). Free!

Is there a Pathoma app?

Our online viewer requires: Microsoft Windows 8 / Mac OSX 10.8 or higher (Linux is not supported). iOS 9+ (beta support), Android is not currently supported.

How many hours is sketchy Pharm?

Thanks! Got one for path and pharm? tldr. 27 hours.

How much does Pathoma cost?

For $85 you get 21 month access to all the pathoma videos online, as well as the pathoma textbook. Learn more at the pathoma site.

How many pages should first aid be in a day?

Read approximately 50 pages of First Aid per day. Supplement your First Aid reading with review books if you feel weak in certain areas or do not understand concepts as they are presented in First Aid.

Is Sketchymicro enough for Step 1?

Sketchypharm is still very relevant. Sketchymicro is at the very least a solid foundation that'll still help you answer more than half of the uworld questions and at least some of your actual usmle questions. Qbanks and first aid will fill in the rest of your knowledge.

How many sketchy videos are there?

You'll have 101 videos on your side that easily lay out everything you'll need to know for your next micro exam.

How many sketchy path videos are there?

SketchyPath includes 150+ videos covering high-yield pathology topics for the USMLE Step 1 and pre-clinical years: Cardiology, Pulmonology, Endocrinology and more!

How many UWorld questions are there?

Free Trial. UWorld provides a 10-question free sample test for users to test out the platform and product.