Do Jim and Aurora die in passengers?

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The theatrical release ended with the crew coming out to see that there is a house and this shows that Jim and Aurora lived a full life and died on the ship. Jim and Aurora are left alone on the ship. They use the gene bank which contains the sperm and ova of all of the passengers to repopulate the ship.

Then, what happened to Aurora and Jim at the end of passengers?

The Theatrical Version of The Passengers Ending But in the process, Jim has been pushed out into space and his tether to the ship breaks. Aurora rushes to save him but is not able to reach him in time. She can, however, reach his broken tether and is able to pull his body back to the ship.

Secondly, does Aurora go back to sleep in passengers? Passengers has a happy ending, by a relative measure. Jim and Aurora live out the rest of their days on the ship — even after Jim repairs a hibernation tank and offers Aurora the chance to go back to sleep.

Just so, did Jim and Aurora have kids in passengers?

They might have aborted, one or both of them might have been sterile (after spending significant time outside the ship, but inside the Magic Shield), or they may have had children… and it was not germaine to the story whether or not they did.

Why did Chris Pratt wake up in passengers?

Okay, so: The reason Jennifer Lawrence woke up early is because Chris Pratt got lonely. Passengers begins with a mysterious malfunction in the sleeping pod of Pratt's character, Jim Preston, which causes him to wake up 90 years before his spaceship is supposed to arrive on a new interstellar colony.

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Does Jim Wake Up Aurora?

In Passengers, Jim wakes up after a giant asteroid hits the ship's shields and a few systems malfunction. After over a year living by himself, exhausting every option to try and put himself back to sleep, he starts fantasizing about Aurora, a still-sleeping passenger.

Will there be a Passengers 2 movie?

Did Jennifer Lawrence just give away some serious plot spoilers about her new movie "Passengers?" Lawrence revealed Tuesday that she's "relieved" the highly-anticipated new movie, co-starring Chris Pratt, won't have a sequel. "It is refreshing -- it's nice [that there's no sequel for the film].

Why did Arthur tell Aurora the truth?

Arthur told Aurora what Jim did to her pod because might be suffering from some malfunctions (short circuiting) after the meteor strike. And he might also be suffering from memory loss. If you listen closely you could hear some things inside of Arthur that sound like clicking and whirring.

Does passengers end happy?

In Passengers the ending is like that, but way worse. Jim and Aurora don't both have to die, even though one of them kind of deserves to. But if that's too much justice for you, there's also a different happy ending in which no one dies alone on the spaceship.

Was there an alternate ending to Titanic?

Well, the alternate ending to Titanic is really, really bad, that's why. Instead of finishing her tale of woe to the crew of the Keldysh and then quietly walking off to drop the Heart of the Ocean into the water, Rose as an old woman is stopped by the crew.

What was wrong with the ship in passengers?

Thirty years into the journey, an asteroid collision damages the ship and causes its computer to awaken one passenger, mechanical engineer Jim Preston, 90 years too early. Aurora, devastated at having to live out her life on the ship, unsuccessfully attempts to re-enter hibernation.

Is passengers based on across the universe?

'Passengers' Isn't Based On A Book, But It's Inspired By Classic Sci-Fi. What's better than Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt headlining a love story? Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt headlining a love story set in space.

Where is Homestead 2 in passengers?

Though essentially a love story [spoiler!], the film Passengers is set inside the starship Avalon, a futuristic interstellar spaceship carrying more than 5,000 passengers for a 120-year journey to a distant, habitable planet called Homestead II.

How does the passenger end?

The theatrical release ended with the crew coming out to see that there is a house and this shows that Jim and Aurora lived a full life and died on the ship. Jim and Aurora are left alone on the ship. They use the gene bank which contains the sperm and ova of all of the passengers to repopulate the ship.

What year does Passengers take place?

So let's say that the main body of Passengers takes place in the year 3000, just to give us some round numbers to work with. Let's also assume Jim and Aurora are 30, just to make the math easier. On January 1, 3001, Aurora goes to sleep and they begin the first plan. One year asleep, one year together, one year alone.

Does Aurora forgive Jim?

While there is a honeymoon period, probably a year, when the couple is happy, Aurora soon discovers what Jim's done. She's devastated, heartbroken, and unwilling to forgive him. They seem doomed to live out their lives separately on this hopeless ship, until the captain (Laurence Fishburne) suddenly wakes up.

How did Jim Preston wake up?

Mechanical failure caused a malfunction in Jim's pod and woke him up. From wikipedia, The Avalon, a sleeper ship transporting 5,000 colonists and 258 crew members in hibernation pods, is on course to the planet Homestead II, a journey taking 120 years.

How far away is Homestead 2?

So what are the odds that there is a planet like Homestead II within a reasonable distance of Earth? (The spaceship in the movie travels at 50 percent the speed of light for the better part of 120 years, so the planet would be about 60 light-years away.)

Who plays Arthur in passengers?

Cast (in credits order) verified as complete
Jennifer Lawrence Aurora Lane
Chris Pratt Jim Preston
Michael Sheen Arthur
Laurence Fishburne Gus Mancuso
Andy Garcia Captain Norris

How long was Chris Pratt alone in passengers?

In the film, Pratt plays Jim, one of 5,000 passengers in suspended animation on a ship taking 120 years to reach its destination. After accidentally awakening 90 years early, Jim endures a year of loneliness before making the decision to wake up a fellow passenger, Aurora, played by Jennifer Lawrence.

What is the movie Passenger about?

On a routine journey through space to a new home, two passengers, sleeping in suspended animation, are awakened 90 years too early when their ship malfunctions. As Jim and Aurora face living the rest of their lives on board, with every luxury they could ever ask for, they begin to fall for each other, unable to deny their intense attraction until they discover the ship is in grave danger. With the lives of 5,000 sleeping passengers at stake, only Jim and Aurora can save them all.