Do elements always exist as separate atoms?

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a) elements always exist as separate atoms b) elements always exist as pairs of atoms called molecules c) elements and compounds can exist as molecules.

Keeping this in consideration, how many different atoms are there in a compound?

Compounds are made from two or more atoms chemically joined together. For example, water is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen. Each water molecule contains two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.

Also Know, can elements be separated? Elements are substances that cannot be separated into simpler substances. Salt is made up of the elements sodium and chloride. Water is made up of the elements hydrogen and oxygen. The smallest particles of matter are called atoms.

Also, can atoms exist independently?

Atoms of most of the elements are chemically very reactive and do not exist in the free state or independently. Atoms usually exist in two ways: In the form of molecules, and. In the form of ions.

What is a mixture of elements?

Elements, mixtures and compounds Elements are substances that are made from one type of atom. An element cannot be broken down into any other substance. A mixture is made by simply mixing together elements and compounds. No new chemical bonds are formed.

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What are the 4 types of atoms?

Different Kinds of Atoms
  • Description. Atoms are made of tiny particles called protons, neutrons and electrons.
  • Stable. Most atoms are stable.
  • Isotopes. Every atom is a chemical element, like hydrogen, iron or chlorine.
  • Radioactive. Some atoms have too many neutrons in the nucleus, which makes them unstable.
  • Ions.
  • Antimatter.

Is h2o an atom or molecule?

For H2O, there is one atom of oxygen and two atoms of hydrogen. A molecule can be made of only one type of atom.

Is ar an atom or molecule?

So, a mixture of gases may consist of molecules of the element oxygen (O2) plus molecules of the element nitrogen (N2) plus molecules of the compound carbon dioxide (CO2). Alternatively, a mixture of gases may consist of atoms of neon (Ne) and atoms of argon (Ar), and so on

Why is NaCl not a molecule?

Molecules have molecular bonds. Something like table salt (NaCl) is a compound because it is made from more than one kind of element (sodium and chlorine), but it is not a molecule because the bond that holds NaCl together is an ionic bond. If you like, you can say that sodium chloride is an ionic compound.

Is an atom smaller than a molecule?

Answer and Explanation: Atoms are smaller than molecules, and they are also the smallest building blocks of matter. Atoms make up molecules when two or more atoms bond

Is water polar or nonpolar?

Water (H2O) is polar because of the bent shape of the molecule. The reason the shape of the molecule isn't linear and nonpolar (e.g., like CO2) is because of the difference in electronegativity between hydrogen and oxygen.

What are 4 types of atoms?

There are many different types of atoms, each with its own name, atomic mass and size. These different atoms are called chemical elements.

Helium atom
Components Electrons and a compact nucleus of protons and neutrons

Are atoms always neutral?

Atoms are electrically neutral because they have equal numbers of protons (positively charged) and electrons (negatively charged). If an atom gains or loses one or more electrons, it becomes an ion.

How do atoms exist in nature?

Atoms of most of the elements exist in the form of molecule or ion, since they are most reactive. For example, hydrogen, oxygen, chlorine, etc. However, atoms of some elements, which are non-reactive, exist in free-state in nature. In the form of ions.

Why molecules can exist independently?

Molecules are the smallest independent particle of a matter. But on the other hand atoms are not independent molecule because they are not always octet, they often build ions ,positive or negative, which are not stable in real circumstances which.

Which element has the smallest atom in size?

Which element has the smallest atomic size? Helium has the smallest atomic radius because the stronger force between the two protons and two electrons pulls the electron shell in closer than the lone electron and lone proton in a Hydrogen atom.

Can electron exist alone?

The electron is one of the most fundamental and most important of elementary particles. The electron is also one of the few elementary particles that is stable, meaning it can exist by itself for a long period of time. Most other elementary particles can exist independently for only a fraction of a second.

Which element can exit independently?

All the Noble Gas elements like Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, Xenon, Radon will exist independently because they are chemically unreactive.

Why molecule is stable and can exist independently?

Answer: Atoms do not exist independently and that led to the creation of the universe. Other Atoms are not considered to be stable as they do not have 8 electrons in their outermost shell.. Hence, to attain this octet structure atoms react with other atoms and forms molecules, compounds , substances and the matter.

Which bond Cannot exist independently?

Sigma bond can exist independently whereas the pi bond cannot exist independently. Pi bond can be formed along with the sigma bond. Whenever there is a single bond formed between two atoms, the single bond is always a sigma bond.

Is it possible to create a new element?

You can not create new elements by mixing different compounds. In order to create a new element you have to change the number of protons in a nucleus. It is possible to do this but it requires bombarding various elements, one with the other, by means of high energy particle accelerators.