Did Dizzy Dean have children?

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Parents: Albert Monroe Dean, Alma Nelson De

Just so, what was Dizzy Dean's real name?

Jay Hanna "Dizzy" Dean

Secondly, how old is Dizzy Dean? 64 years (1910–1974)

Beside this, what position did Dizzy Dean?


What was Dizzy Dean's number?

17 St. Louis Cardinals / Pitcher

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When did Dizzy Dean die?

July 17, 1974

Why was Dizzy Dean called Dizzy?

The only place he stood out was as a pitcher for the base's baseball team. It was during his Army years that Dean earned the nickname "Dizzy." A sergeant called him Dizzy once after he'd done something stupid. Also, his fastballs made batters dizzy.

Did Dizzy Dean have a brother?

Paul Dean
Elmer Monroe Dean
Charles M. Dean

Is Dizzy Dean in the Hall of Fame?


Did Dizzy Dean live in Mississippi?

The son of an itinerant Arkansas farmer, Jay Hanna “DizzyDean lived much of his life in Mississippi and became one of the most prominent southerners of the twentieth century as a Major League Baseball player and colorful radio and television announcer.

What were the nicknames of the Dean brothers who pitched for the St Louis Cardinals?

Dean played several years of baseball alongside his better-known brother, Jay. Because of his brother's nickname, "Dizzy", Dean also had a nickname, Daffy, but this did not reflect his personality as he was considered quiet and serious. The nickname was mainly a creation of the press.