Did Andy and Connie have a baby on NYPD Blue?

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After McDowell became the adoptive mother of her niece, her relationship with Andy continued to blossom; soon afterwards, McDowell became pregnant, despite her previous medical prognosis. Despite their age difference, they decided to marry, and she gave birth to a son, Matthew.

People also ask, what happens to Connie on NYPD Blue?

Actress Charlotte Ross, who has been with the long-running ABC drama “NYPD Blue” since 2001, has decided to hang up her badge for good. Ross, who plays Det. Connie McDowell, took maternity leave from the show to give birth to her son last month and she will not return, the Associated Press reports.

Similarly, who played Andy Sipowicz son on NYPD Blue? The NYPD Blue sequel series has found its lead star in British actor Fabien Frankel. Frankel landed the coveted role as Theo Sipowicz, son of the original show's lead character Andy Sipowicz (Dennis Franz).

Also know, was Charlotte Ross really pregnant on NYPD Blue?

At the end of her fifth season as 'Detective Connie McDowell' on "NYPD Blue", Charlotte was 8 months pregnant with her first child and eager to take a break from acting to just be a Mom.

Did Andy Jr die NYPD Blue?

His father taught him lessons about being a policeman until Andy Jr. was killed when he intervened in a robbery/rape, and one of the perpetrators shot him. His death sent his father into a tailspin that nearly destroyed his life. After his death, Andy Jr.

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Why did Sharon leave NYPD Blue?

Sharon Lawrence left more than once because she wasn't satisfied with her character's development/screen time. Amy Brenneman says she was fired. Kim Delaney left to star in a new show. Charlotte Ross left because she had a baby.

Who dies NYPD Blue?

Theo's mom Sylvia Costas-Sipowicz (as played by Sharon Lawrence) also died tragically; she was shot and killed at the end of Season 6. Her final words to husband Andy were, “Take care of the baby.” The revival is being shepherded by Matt Olmstead and Nick Wootton, both of whom worked on the original NYPD Blue.

Who married Sipowicz?

Andy Sipowicz
Occupation NYPD Detective
Spouse Katie Sipowicz (ex-wife) Sylvia Costas (wife, deceased) Connie McDowell (wife)
Children Andy Sipowicz Jr. (son, deceased) Theo Sipowicz (son) Matthew Sipowicz (son) Michelle McDowell (adopted daughter)
Nationality Polish/American

Does Andy marry Connie on NYPD Blue?

Even after a dozen years, Andy Sipowicz can't catch a break. As ABC's groundbreaking "NYPD Blue" heads into its 12th - and final - season, Dennis Franz's long-suffering detective has lose another wife. Detective Connie McDowell (Charlotte Ross), mother of Sipowicz's newborn, left Steven Bochco's drama late last season.

When did NYPD Blue end?

March 1, 2005

Is NYPD Blue coming back?

Nellie Andreeva
It now appears that particular iteration of NYPD Blue, a sequel to the original Emmy-winning series, is dead. It is not being redeveloped, and the cast was released in June. But it's not the end of NYPD Blue's comeback at the network, which aired the iconic 1990s cop drama series.

How did Bobby die on NYPD Blue?

'' But when Jimmy Smits decided to leave ''N.Y.P.D. Blue'' after five episodes this season, the show took full advantage of the freedom his departure offered. Mr. Smits's character, Detective Bobby Simone, has quickly faded from a heart infection and at the end of last week's episode was about to receive a transplant.

How did Danny die on NYPD Blue?

After being reported as missing, Sorenson's remains were discovered in a shallow grave at the beginning of season nine, with the character's death being attributed to the mob syndicate he had been attempting to infiltrate just before the September 11 attacks. This article about a television drama character is a stub.

Who replaced Danny Sorenson on NYPD Blue?

Actor Rick Schroder, who played Sorenson, has left “NYPD Blue” and is being replaced by former “Saved by the Bell” star Mark Paul Gosselaar.