Can you be forced to go to BLC?

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Nobody can ever force you to attend an optional school. BLC is optional. They can't force you to go.

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Furthermore, can you go to BLC without being promotable?

In order to fill all BLC training seats, non- promotable SPC with demonstrated leadership potential may attend BLC only after exhausting all other higher order of merit list (OML) categories.

Secondly, can BLC be waived? Yes it can for a period of time unless your command can find a way of sending you back from your deployment in order to attend. You will however have to attend it at some point because a complete waiver will never happen.

Consequently, can you refuse promotion in the army?

Can you refuse promotion in the military(US) like if someone didn't want to deal with things NCOs do? Yes you can and people at all levels sometimes do so for various reasons. Also, if you pass up a promotion, you don't get to just “take it back” and take that promotion whenever you decide to.

Is BLC hard?

No, it's not hard. Especially the new version of the BLC. The new version focuses on writing and regulation rather than field and SL1 tasks. It give you the tools/resources to become an effective leader.

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Do you lose promotable status if flagged?

Answer: Yes. If a Soldier is flagged the PPW system will remove the Soldier from the promotion standing list and place the Soldier into a NOT Eligible status.

Can you be deployed if your pregnant?

Military Pregnancy Regulations
In the Army, a woman who becomes pregnant after enlistment, but before she begins initial active duty will not be involuntarily discharged due to pregnancy. Members discovered to be pregnant while deployed should be transferred ashore as soon as possible, under Navy rules.

Do you need BLC for Sgt?

BLC is a four week, non-MOS specific course conducted at sixteen Noncommissioned Officer Academies (NCOA) worldwide. Effective January 1, 2016, promotion to SGT requires Soldiers to complete BLC before pinning on the rank of SGT. Scheduling for BLC is done at installation level except for USAR-AGR Soldiers.

How many hours does it take from e7 to e8?

There are no minimum time-in-grade requirements for promotion to E-7, E-8, or E-9, but soldiers must meet the following minimum time-in-service requirements to be eligible for promotion: Sergeant First Class (E-7)—6 years. Master Sergeant/First Sergeant (E-8)—8 years.

Do you need BLC for Corporal?

Army Promotion to E-4 Corporal. A Corporal is a Noncommissioned Officer in the United States Army at DoD paygrade E-4. Corporals achieve the rank after spending time in the grade of Specialist and then graduating from the Basic Leader Course (BLC), upon graduation from which they are given a team to lead.

How long is BLC army?

The BLC is a 22-academic day course consisting of 169 academic hours.

How many points is BLC?

Promotion points are received for academic excellence in BLC, however. You can receive 20 promotion points for achieving commandant's list status and 40 promotion points for achieving Distinguished Honor Graduate of the Distinguished Leadership Graduate.

Is ssd1 mandatory?

Structured Self Development (SSD) is mandatory web-based training that continues throughout a Soldier's career and builds upon content in noncommissioned officer (NCO) education courses. SSD exists in four levels and is supported by a robust assessment and feedback process that includes self-assessment tools.

How long can you stay in the Army as an e5?

For instance, he pointed out that the average time it now takes a Soldier to pin on the rank of sergeant is 4.2 years. The old RCP allowed Soldiers to stay an E-5 for up to 20 years of service if they were promotable. That will be reduced to 15 years if they are on the promotion list and 13 years if not.

Which military branch promotes officers the fastest?

The Army is by far the fastest promoter in all categories (enlisted, warrant officer, officer), followed by the Navy, then the Marine Corps, and finally the Air Force.

Can you date in the Army?

All branches of the United States military maintain regulations that govern dating, and any fraternization, among both officers and enlisted soldiers. Since 1984, improper fraternization has been recognized as a punishable offense.

How long can an e7 stay in the Army?

The RCP defines the maximum time a Soldier may stay in the Army at a certain rank. For instance, the RCP for a promotable staff sergeant is now 26 years -- up from 24. If a Soldier in the rank of staff sergeant has served 26 years and hasn't been promoted to sergeant first class, he or she must retire.

How do I check my Army Promotion status?

Have you reviewed AR 600-8-19 to see if you are eligible to go to a promotion board? If I were you I would go onto HRC's website. Choose enlisted promotions and then about halfway down the page choose the Promotion Point Worksheet (PPW). When you open the PPW it will say what your status is.

How many hours does it take from e6 to e7?

There is no minimum time-in-grade (TIG) requirement for promotion to the Army SNCO ranks, but candidates must meet the following minimum time-in-service (TIS) requirements to be eligible for promotion: Sergeant First Class (E-7) - 6 years. Master Sergeant/First Sergeant (E-8) - 8 years. Sergeant Major (E-9) - 9 years.

How does a soldier get promoted?

A battlefield promotion is awarded to enlisted soldiers who are promoted to a higher enlisted rank during combat or combat conditions. A sergeant field promoted to staff sergeant must complete the Advanced Leader Course (ALC) and both have 270 days after redeployment to a home station.

Can you pin yourself in the army?

So, you really need to take that rank off until you get orders. If HRC says you're an E5, then you're an E5. When you leave the unit, pin yourself, as you already have your orders, and drive on.

How do you get promoted fast in the army?

Ask for schools (cbrn defense, fork lift, bus driver, etc). After your first year use TA for civilian ed and complete your degree as soon as possible. Do well at WLC when you go as a SPC. Just remember, getting promoted is great, but don't spend your whole military career chasing rank.