Are PAX wardrobes any good?

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IKEA PAX Wardrobe Review – Pros:
It's totally custom! I looove the mirror sliding doors on our closet. It's a big piece of furniture, so having mirrors on it opens everything up and makes the room feel bigger. Plus it's so great when I'm getting ready in the morning to have a giant mirror in our bedroom.

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Furthermore, can PAX wardrobes be freestanding?

Ikea recommend you attach them to the wall. Although they recommend that on everything. So literally speaking, they are freestanding, but aesthetically they more like fitted IMO.

Likewise, what are PAX wardrobes? PAX wardrobe sets mean storage that really matches your space. Ours also mean you can choose frames and doors that match your style and interior fittings that suit what you wear. Choose between our pre-designed combinations or go all the way and create your own tailor-made wardrobe.

In this manner, how long does it take to put a Pax wardrobe together?

about 40 minutes

Do Ikea wardrobes need to be fixed to wall?

Though the instruction manuals that come with chests of drawers advise customers to secure their furniture to the wall using a bracket provided, not all do so, leading to tragic consequences. Ikea issued a safety warning, instructing all buyers to attach Malm chests to the wall to avoid other such accidents.

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Does IKEA DO built in wardrobes?

It's our wardrobe system that's super customisable inside and out. You choose the size, colour, style and sliding or hinged doors. You can get a helping hand to assemble your new fitted wardrobes with our assembly service.

Can you add doors to PAX wardrobe?

If you are installing it inside a walk-in closet or a currently existing regular closet space, you do not need doors. If you are installing your PAX as a freestanding unit, you will need doors. If you want hinged doors, you are limited to a combination of the 39.4″ and 19.8″ widths.

Do Ikea build furniture for you?

Our products are specifically designed to be simple to assemble so that you can easily do it yourself. Or, if you prefer, our Assembly Service partners can build your IKEA furniture in your home for you.

Can wardrobes fall over?

Toppling wardrobes are not that common but it's important to make sure they're stable. Make sure the floor they stand on is level, which it will be unless you live in a weirdly ancient house with sloping floors. If you're really worried you can buy straps and anchor the wardrobe to the wall.

Do IKEA Do fitted bedrooms?

Ikea bedroom furniture ideas. Ikea is best known for its affordable flat-pack freestanding furniture. But it also has a range of fitted wardrobe solutions, at a very reasonable price. It has three main fitted wardrobes styles: Pax, Platsa and Elvarli.

Can I paint Ikea PAX wardrobe?

Pax wardrobes are incredibly versatile – they're really the perfect blank canvas when it comes to organizational furniture. With a coat or two of this miracle primer, you can layer on sprayed, rolled or brushed paint for the top coat, and it will stick – and stay – on your IKEA furniture!

What are Ikea PAX wardrobes made of?

*The PAX system only works well for walk-in closets (it's generally not feasible to use inside your typical two-door closet). *The wardrobe frames are made of particleboard so if you put a ding in them during assembly, the laminate could chip off (although we did not have this problem).

Does IKEA build your furniture?

IKEA products are designed to be assembled by you. However, we can recommend an experienced independent company to assemble your new products for your home or business. When you purchase delivery, our Independent Service Providers can put your purchase together for your home or business starting at just $89!

HOW MUCH DO built in wardrobes cost UK?

A 3 section built-in wardrobe will cost between £2,800 and £3,600 depending on the overall size and your choice of finish and interior layout. Three doors fitted wardrobe – for between £2,500 and £2,800 you can have a handcrafted bespoke three doors wardrobe installed in your bedroom.

How much clearance does a Pax wardrobe need?

The clearance between the top of the wardrobe and the ceiling is between 1/2" and 3" The assembly is a bit more complicated in this case. The frame has to be assembled upright. Assembling the frames upright is doable but it's more difficult, compared to assembling it on the floor, as recommended.

HOW MUCH DO built in wardrobes cost?

Built-in Wardrobe Costs
If you have the space for a wardrobe, expect to pay about $2,000 for the entire project.

Can you pay IKEA to put furniture together?

You can now pay IKEA to help you put together its confusing furniture. The new TaskRabbit assembly service will be offered both online and in-store, says IKEA, with furniture assembly starting at $36.

How deep should a built in wardrobe be?

Most wardrobe cabinets typically are 24 inches deep, but can be as narrow as 18 or even 12 inches in depth. Height also depends on application, but standard height is usually no more than 72 inches. Width varies anywhere from between 24 inches to more than 96 inches.

How wide are Ikea PAX wardrobes?

The IKEA PAX Wardrobe (39”) has an overall width of 39.375” (100 cm), depth of 13.75” (34.9 cm), and comes in two heights of 79.25”-93.125” (201.3-236.5 cm). The IKEA PAX Wardrobe (39”) has an overall width of 39.375” (100 cm), depth of 13.75” (34.9 cm), and comes in two heights of 79.25”-93.125” (201.3-236.5 cm).

Can you move Ikea PAX wardrobes?

Not only that, but you can add mirrors on the door and buy all sorts of drawers and extensions for the inside to store all of your clothes in a manner so organized that even the most nit-picky will be satisfied which really makes the PAX wardrobe better than a closet. Unfortunately, moving the PAX is no easy feat.