Are John and Ken still on KFI?

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The John and Ken Show returned to KFI on May 2, 2001, and the hosts regaled listeners with the behind-the-scene problems at KABC before returning to their normal topics.

Also question is, what happened to Bender on KFI?

The LA Radio People blog confirms Bender is no longer employed by KFI but won't say if he was fired or left. Having worked in radio myself, I'd say 95% change he was fired (it's super easy to get fired in radio, compared to a regular job). Trade magazines like All Access have been surprisingly mum.

Secondly, how old is John Kobylt? John Kobylt, 46, is the one who easily gets riled up over issues and events.

Also Know, is KFI 640 conservative?

In its climb up the ratings charts over the past four years, talk-radio station KFI-AM (640) has taken on a much more conservative tone, following the lead of its top-rated personality, Rush Limbaugh. KFI officials say that politics has little to do with their programming rationale.

Where is KFI?

Today, KFI broadcasts from its Burbank, California studios on 640 kHz on a 50,000-watt non-directional AM transmitter which is located in nearby La Mirada at 33° 52' 47" N, 118° 00' 47" W.

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Why was Aron Bender fired from KFI?

The harassment was probably in the podcast and he was probably detained by the cops for awhile. That's usually how these things work and the station probably suspended, then fired him as a result because they don't want any legal liability in that mess. During Aron Bender's final KFI AM 640 broadcast [Friday Oct.

What does KFI mean?

Acronym Definition
KFI Key Facts Illustration (UK financial services)
KFI Key from Image
KFI Korn/Ferry International (recruiting firm; est. 1969; Los Angeles, CA)
KFI Kobe Fashion Institute (Japan)

What radio station is Rush Limbaugh on in Los Angeles?

KEIB (1150 AM) is a radio station licensed to Los Angeles, California, and serving Greater Los Angeles.

What is the moist line?

There's a new Moist Line number for you to leave your insane ramblings on. It's TOLL FREE, and you can leave messages as long as you want! This will make it easier to weed out the nutballs (messages over 2 min will just be deleted!) John & Ken's MOISTLINE! 877-MOIST-86. iHeartRadio Music Festival.