Are Evans Cycles still trading?

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Sports Direct buys Evans Cycles out of administration, will close half of its stores. Mike Ashley's Sports Direct International plc has bought Evans Cycles after the chain went into administration today, but says that it will have to shut around half its 62 stores, with the potential loss of hundreds of jobs.

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Also to know is, is Evans Cycles closing down?

According to Press Association, five Evans Cycles stores have already shut down, with another three earmarked for closure by the end of this month. The cycling retailer also confirmed that its closure process was nearing its conclusion. READ MORE: 31 stores to shut down as Sports Direct swoops in on Evans Cycles.

Additionally, who now owns Evans Cycles? Frasers Group

Correspondingly, what happened to Evans Cycles?

Evans opened a shop in Kennington Road in south east London, known as F.W. Evans Cycles. With the outbreak of war in 1939 he joined the Royal Air Force and left the business in charge of his manager. The shop traded from this site for 30 years. Evans died in a road accident in 1944, having never again run his shop.

Do Evans Cycles do student discount?

As far as we know, there is currently no Evans Cycles student discount available.

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Does Evans Cycles price match?

Our Price Match Guarantee is as simple as lifting a £5,000 carbon bike. In addition, if you go to one of our stores in person, we will also match local bike stores. Not only this, but if you buy from us and we later reduce our price we will refund the difference (as long as your request is within 7 days of purchase).

WHO HAVE Sports Direct bought?

Established in 1982 by Mike Ashley, the company is the United Kingdom's largest sports-goods retailer and operates roughly 670 stores worldwide. The company owns many sporting brands and trades predominantly under the brand.

Frasers Group.
Trade name Frasers Group

How many Evans Cycles stores are there?

But Evans Cycles started in ol' London town and today, with 21 separate stores found within the M25, we're pleased to say that for millions of Londoners we're still the local bike shop. So here's our guide to the Evans stores found (almost) within the sound of Bow Bells.

Who owns Halfords?

Halfords Autocentre
Type Private
Operating income £7.5m (2009)
Number of employees 1500
Parent Halfords (since 2010)

Is Tredz owned by Halfords?

Tredz and Wheelies sold to Halfords. The joint business of Tredz and Wheelies of Wales has been acquired by Halfords. Founded and owned by brothers Keith and Michael Jones the bike shop and insurance replacement business employs 250 people.

Who bought Evans Cycles?

Mike Ashley's Sports Direct

Are Sports Direct closing down?

THE SPORTS Direct store in York city centre has announced that it will be shutting. Closing down sale signs appeared on the shop windows of the store, in Davygate, yesterday, and a member of staff confirmed that the store is due to close towards the end of December.

Is Evans Cycles in administration?

UK retailer Evans Cycles has been sold to Sports Direct as part of a pre-pack administration, and as many as half of its UK stores are set to close, putting hundreds of jobs at risk. The cycling chain has 60 branches across the UK, and employs more than 1,000 people.

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How does the Cycle to Work scheme work? In essence, your employer buys a bike for you to ride to work, you 'hire' it through salary sacrifice (which is where you save by not paying tax and National Insurance on the monthly fees) and at the end of the 'hire' period you buy the bike from your employer.

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What's the right road bike size for me?
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Simply said, a gravel bike is a combination of a road bike (happy on tarmac) and a cyclo-cross bike (happy on mud). Mellow single tracks, farm roads, gravel, crushed cobblestones, tarmac — whatever. It's a machine that's capable of performing on various surfaces while sustaining comfort.

Where is wiggle located?

Wiggle is a leading European online sports retailer, selling cycle, run, swim and outdoor equipment and apparel. It is based in Portsmouth, England. The company forms part of the WiggleCRC group, which also includes Chain Reaction Cycles.

Are chain reaction and wiggle the same?

Chain Reaction Cycles: Merger with Wiggle announced. Online bike retailer Chain Reaction Cycles, which sells to customers across the world from NI, is to merge with the Portsmouth-based company, Wiggle. The company says the merger is an "exciting new chapter". Wiggle is owned by the investment firm Bridgeport Capital.