Are 882 SBC heads good?

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The 882 heads are smog heads from '74 to '80 and not very well regarded, but neither are stock '85 heads - if you can find out more about the 882's they may be better than your stock '85 heads - ie not only polished & ported but if milled so they will give higher compression and if valves were changed to 2.02 etc they

Consequently, what are the best SBC heads?

Peak Torque and Horsepower

Cylinder Head Peak Horsepower Peak Torque
Edelbrock 395 at 5,900 rpm 409 at 4,200 rpm (5)
Speedway 381 at 5,400 rpm 409 at 4,200 rpm (5)
Vortec 378 at 5,300 rpm 408 at 4,300 rpm (7)
Stock Iron 358 at 5,800 rpm 379 at 4,300 rpm (8)

Beside above, what are double hump heads worth? 461 and 462 double hump complete heads should be worth or priced at $200 a set at the very least. With all the choices in new motors and heads these do not have the interest they once had.

People also ask, why are double hump heads better?

They flow better have more efficient combustion chambers. You can run more compression, less timing, and less octane and make more power with Vortecs.

Are 441 heads any good?

The 441 has a reputation as a good-flowing head among the production 76cc chamber heads. In this particular case, it lost out to the 882 head, but overall it's a decent head that responds well to pocket port work and larger 2.02/1.94 valves. Its small 155cc port volume creates great torque and excellent driveability.

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Why are Vortec heads better?

The L31 Vortec heads have larger ports than the older Gen I cast steel heads, so they outflow the older heads. The Vortec heads are a little bit lighter than the older heads and have a “kidney” or “heart” shaped combustion chamber that is more efficient than the double hump chamber.

What is the best SBC?

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What size heads for 400 SBC?

If you want to get started with the LEAST AMOUNT OF EXPENSE FOR HEADS, use 70-74 stock 400 heads. The 400 ports are as big as any SB heads and they come with 1.94-1.5 valves.

Are Flo Tek heads any good?

That being said, from a non-political standpoint, the ProComp heads have come a long way in quality. The PC heads do very well for the money and on a 450-500HP 383 build are good bet. Just make sure you buy them from a reputable dealer who will build them out with quality parts.

Will Chevy 350 heads fit on a 305?

Virtually any 350 heads will work on a 305. The high compression 350 heads are similiar in combustion chamber size & intake valve size to the 305 heads & will give a 305 the same performance as if using 305 heads.

What are the best 305 heads?

Imho, the best 305 head is the -601! They have 1.84"/1.50" valves; hardened seats; a compression chamber that will run from 53 to 58 cc's SO you HAVE to cc them!! 160 and + cc intake ports and best of all, chambers that are like the old -461 "fuelie" head that are double-quenched!!

What does double hump heads mean?

Double-hump heads are a specific casting of cylinder heads for Chevrolet's Small-Block V8 engine. The heads were first manufactured by Chevrolet in 1962 and were used on a number of different Chevy Small-blocks through out the 60's. “Double-Hump” refers to the casting symbols on the ends of the cylinder heads.

What did 882 heads come on?

882 heads were light weight castings and the EGR port entered both the center exhaust ports and thats why they ran hot and cracked.

How much horsepower can a Vortec 350 make?

Horsepower = torque x RPM / 5250. The factory engines come with 2 or 4 bolt main caps (on the SBC this is the three in the middle - the two outboard remain 2 bolt). GM rates these blocks up to around ~350 horsepower.

How much horsepower does double hump heads add?

"Double-hump" heads were found on many of its high-performance engines in the 1960s and early 1970s. They were manufactured with larger intake and exhaust port volumes and valves for the period, and engines equipped with them had output ratings of more than 350 horsepower.

What are power pack heads?

The "power pack" heads have 58 CC combustion chambers, and smaller valves than later heads. They were used on high-performance models of the 265 and 283 engines, and were also used on the standard 195-horse 2-barrel 283's in the later years of that engine.

What's the difference between 461 and 462 heads?

461 heads had a quench area behind the spark plug, whereas the 462 had the area behind the spark plug relieved. Because of this relief, the 462 chamber is about two cc's larger than a 461 chamber. 461 heads were not strictly used with L84. They were used with some L76 engines, as well as reported use in truck engines.

What are Fuelie heads?

The 461 head is more popularly referred to as the “Fueliehead, because it was introduced as standard equipment on the 1962 327ci Corvette engine that was fed by a mechanical Rochester fuel-injection system. In some bench-racing circles, all double-hump heads are classified as Fuelie heads.

What year did Chevy make Vortec heads?

Vortec engines came out in 1995 for the 1996 model year. It was the first year V8 Vortec, but there were V6 and 4 cylinder engines that had similar combustion chambers starting in 1988. So, the tune port engines didn't come with Vortec heads, and they have a different intake manifold bolt pattern than the early heads.

Are 906 Vortec heads good?

the better of the 2 are the 906 casting heads because they have like 20% better flow over the 062 heads. 062 heads come of the 3/4 ton trucks. So you have the lower flowing vortec head but hey man be happy you have vortec heads man those heads work wonders. But all in all 062 is less flow and 906 is high flow.

What are bowtie heads?

what exactly are bowtie heads? The Phase 2 cast iron Bow Tie head can be identified by its redesigned outer water jacket wall with a machined bar between the exhaust manifold flanges. (Phase 1 castings have a raised parting line between the exhaust manifold flanges.)